Open Letter: Dewey Bartlett Jr.

altEditor’s note: Tulsa Today offered each of the three primary mayoral candidates the opportunity to write an "open letter" to Tulsa voters.

This was designed to be an open forum whereby the candidates could "speak" directly to Tulsa Today readers. There were no restrictions other than a maximum of 750 words. Names were pulled from a hat and the order is: Mark Perkins, (Monday), Dewey Bartlett Jr., (Tuesday), and Tom Adelson (Wednesday). The articles are printed as submitted.

We have arrived once again at a crossroads.  This election will decide the future of our city and the differences between my opponents and I could not be clearer.  I am a conservative businessman who has survived in the good times and the bad.  I served in the Air National Guard for six years, and I have a Masters Degree in Finance.  Unlike my opponents, I will keep government in its proper role: limited, but effective in the areas of service it should be, such as public safety and infrastructure.  My support of other Republicans, including Senator Jim Inhofe, Dr. Tom Coburn, Congressman John Sullivan and our Republican Presidential ticket in ’08, John McCain and Sarah Palin, is a point of pride for me and my family.  Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Hillary Clinton see me as a foe and not a friend.  My opponents cannot say that, they are right in line with the liberal politicians from Washington, D.C. who are trying every day to chip away at our liberty and our sovereignty.  

I am the only candidate who has pledged not to raise our taxes.  I am the only candidate who will fight to defend the Tenth Amendment so that our rights as a state are defended within our union.  I am the only candidate who will defend the unborn from abortion.  I am the only conservative in this race, plain and simple.  Which way shall we take our city?

I want to thank you for taking the time to read this article.  It is important that you know my core values.  I have listed those values below.  I will be a job creating mayor who grows jobs, not government.  I will prioritize public safety.  I will improve our roads.  These are my goals, and here are the principals I will follow to get there:

–    Public Safety: Strong public safety is my first priority.  I will hire more police to combat crime with existing revenue streams.   I believe in enforcement and punishment, not the latest social program to treat criminals.  Any increases in the police and fire budgets will go to protecting Tulsans or fighting crime.
–    Taxes: I pledge not to raise our taxes.  Taxes should always remain low, and now more than ever we simply cannot raise taxes.  
–    Fiscal Restraint: I will manage the budget, making sure we cut unnecessary spending.  I will utilize internal and external audits to find out where we can reduce the size and waste in our government.
–    Infrastructure: I will ensure our roads are improved.  We will have transparency. I am currently pushing to have updates of infrastructure repairs and projects posted online by the Public Works Department.  I will see that our streets package is completed on time and under budget in a manner that keeps your confidence.
–    “One Tulsa”:  We must improve our entire city and be sure that each part of town has proper investment, representation, and service.  I will work with, not against, the city councilors to achieve this goal.
–    Pro Life: I am 100 percent against abortion.  We need to encourage our faith communities to continue to help pregnant women cope with the challenges of motherhood and eliminate this terrible practice.  I also support the efforts of others, such as Catholic charities, in their fight to stop abortion.
–    Second Amendment: I personally keep and bear arms.  This right is a city issue, contrary to what some liberals might say.  I will not support limiting our Second Amendment right.
–    States Rights: I support the Tenth Amendment and I will fight against any overarching effort by the federal government to infringe upon those rights.
–    Property Rights: I support property rights of the individual from eminent domain abuse.  People are allowed to enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in this county and I will stand behind individual property rights which are so essential to this principal.

    I want to ask you for your vote and for your support.   We cannot afford to sit this election out, there is too much at stake.  We have arrived at a crossroads, and the future of our city, liberal or conservative, depends on our decision. We can set the course of our city for years to come by standing together and fighting for our common conservative values.


Dewey Bartlett Jr.

P.S. – Please consider going to my website at and signing up to volunteer or request a yard sign.