OK Senate Security Breached

Audio problems or Internet connections in room 419-C of the Oklahoma Senate has apparently motivated a crime.  There is a locked compartment in that room where sound system electronics and the internet “feed” connections reside that has been violated according to Malia Bennett, Communications Director and John Warren, of the Senate Information Systems Division.

In a press release officials wrote, “Twice this week, someone not authorized to do so has literally broken into the cabinet to [apparently] adjust the settings, actually damaging wiring and other equipment.  After the first time, we did adjust the security camera so that we could hopefully see who had done this in the event it occurred again—which did indeed happen.

“We’re now in the process of going through those security tapes,” they noted adding that only the IT Division is authorized to unlock the cabinet and make adjustments.

“Anyone with a question or problem with audio levels needs to work through John or a designated member of his staff.  No one else should ever attempt to adjust the levels, much less break into the cabinet,” the release concluded with a request for information by officials to the media.  

There is no report of Jeff McMahan escaping prison or of Gene Stipe returning to the capital so most insiders suspect the business of State Senate will continue without an escalation of the crime spree.  However, as the Federal government has downgraded the risk level and intensity with which they monitor spying by China, anything is possible.