Cross Country Patriot Arrives

Concerned about America’s future and dedicated to awaking fellow citizens to Constitutional foundations, Paul Both, 43, of Huntington Beach, California began a transcontinental run in January that reaches Tulsa today.   At approximately 4 pm, he is expected to arrive at I-44 and Riverside Drive.  Tulsans are welcome to cheer him at this halfway point to the Statue of Liberty in New York in this Run for Liberty.

Both began January 9th and expects to average 21 to 25 miles a day – completing his journey on or around May 28th.

The inspiration for the run came from his observations of the public’s general dissatisfaction with their elected officials and their lack of adherence to the basic principles of the Constitution, The Bill of Rights and the ideology of the founding fathers.  This and his frustration over being an audio engineer and long time small business owner conducting business in today’s economic climate of over regulation and over taxation.

Chris Swenson, 45, a business associate and videographer from Fountain Valley, California, was intrigued by Both’s plans, and approached him about joining him and filming a documentary.  His idea was to cover Both’s run while riding at times on a bicycle, and to incorporate  a socio-political aspect by conducting interviews with people they encounter along the way. Shortly into the run, Swenson decided to add weight to his feelings about the direction the country is going by committing to ride the entire 3200 miles along side Both.

Rounding out the Run For Liberty team,  Michael Cernak, 43, also of Fountain Valley, California, a grade school friend of Both’s  and 24 year veteran of the mortgage lending industry, signed on to drive the support vehicle, handle logistics and the day to day requirements of such a huge undertaking. Cernak, along with his 22 year old Dachshund Trovitch, has allowed Both to concentrate solely on running, what amounts to a marathon a day, and has afforded Swenson the opportunity to ride the entire distance.

Both says, “even though the idea for the run started from a negative place, it has become a very positive, life changing experience. I hope to get people thinking and acting, not only politically, but physically as well.”  

Tulsa Today plans to visit the team as they visit Tulsa.  Check back for more details.