Mullet Over #403

Fishermen and others who frequent the Mediterranean Sea are reporting an increase in huge blobs of plankton-secreted mucus. These blobs, which are sometimes more than 100 miles in length, trap shrimp, small fish and other aquatic life. After a few days in the sun, the decaying masses emit foul stenches (or if small birds have been trapped, fowl stenches). Some biologists blame over-fishing (severe disruption of eco-systems) in the region for the odorous floating clutter.

Do you own a powerful flashlight?  If not, you may be interested in the newly introduced device that is the size of a large banana and is capable of lighting up objects ¼ mile distant for more than an hour.  I shall not soon be making such a purchase as the lights retail for $450 each.

A recent study indicates that 25% of women think that men who have lots of money are sexier than those who are simply average in wealth.  Some might have guessed 100%.

You can actually make your own water – simply combine hydrogen and oxygen atoms at the ratio of 2:1.  However, do be careful as that is essentially the reaction that took place when the airship Hindenburg was destroyed.

The next time you enjoy a drink of water, recall that approximately 97.5% of the water on earth is too salty for human consumption.  About 60% of the remaining 2.5% is inaccessibly frozen.

Many years ago movie studio MGM conducted a contest to propose a screen name for potential star Lucille LeSueur. That is how Joan Crawford got her name.

International travelers are sometimes surprised whenever they order sherbet in Sydney, Melbourne, etc. “Sherbet” is Australian slang for beer.

U.S. babies born in May are typically seven ounces heavier than infants born in any other month.  Possibly there is something special about winter gestation?

American adults spend an average of 77 minutes each day eating or drinking. More people may want to consider wearing earrings: Acupuncture folks claim that the ear is a vital area for controlling appetites.

The name Beelzebub translates as “lord of the flies.”

In Greece, there exists a belief that when one removes his/her shoes and one or both land upside down, the shoe-remover is required to immediately utter “skorda” (garlic) and spit. The shoes must then be set upright. Failure to do so is thought by some to invite horrible luck, even death. Well, enjoy sherbets of your choice and have a great week.