Mullet Over #405

Water is a marvelous recyclable resource. The fresh water that you drink today could have been the very same water molecules drunk by dinosaurs several years back.

Some animals simply do not adapt well to being confined in zoos. One example is the aardvark (also called ant bear and earth pig).


These long-nosed African natives generally do not live long in zoos.
However, biologists have reason to hope, as one carefully studied
specimen has survived an unprecedented (in captivity) ten years. 

For you fine cooks – I am definitely excluded from this group – it may be of interest to know that whole peppercorns can be potent and tasty for eleven years, but ground peppers significantly lose potency and flavor after 30 days.

Until 1979, all hurricanes were officially labeled with female names. In 1979 Bob was the first “male” hurricane (perhaps it should have been a himicane) to make landfall in the U.S.A.

Since 2002, there has been a booklet distributed to various restaurant waitstaff employees entitled “Pour on the Tips.” This publication presents training that is directed at persuading customers to order bottled water instead of tap water.

In Massachusetts, unless the statute in Chapter 129 Section 35 (MGL) has been repealed, “it is unlawful to herd Texan, Mexican, Cherokee or other Indian cattle on a public road.”

Likely it seemed like a good idea at first, but … a 19 year old man in Spokane, Washington decided to make a necklace out of bullets. He began to make holes in live ammunition in order to string together the macho-person jewelry pieces. He has survived the “unexpected” explosion, but one of his hands is not well.

“Lawman” in Surinam means “lunatic.” Speaking of differences in languages: From 1989 through much of 1992 Nissan manufacturers were perplexed as to why its family van “S-Cargo” was such a poor seller in France.

Mark it on your calendar? September 19 is national (U.S.A.) “talk like a pirate day.” Maybe that should be in Arrrgust.

Bumper sticker: “Honk If Anything Falls Off.” I’ve owned cars on which that message could have been appropriate.

The “four score and seven years ago” in the famous Gettysburg Address is in reference to 1776.

“Explorer I” was the first satellite successfully launched by the United States. It was placed into orbit January 31, 1958. “E-1” fell back to earth March 31, 1970. Well, monitor the shelf lives of your black peppers and have a spicy week.