Local Artist Chosen for National Competition

Tulsa artist Derek Penix has been chosen as a finalist in one of Southwest Art magazine’s most prestigious national competitions. Annually the magazine sponsors a competition for up and coming young artists called "21 under 31."

Hundreds of aspiring artists submit their work but only 21 under the age
of 31 are selected. Each finalist has a page devoted to their work.  A first, second and third place will be chosen from among the 21 while one entry will be featured on the cover of the magazine. The winners will be announced in the September 2010 issue of the magazine scheduled to go on the newsstands in September.

"This is an extreme honor for me," says Penix, "Since this is a national competition – whether I win or not – I am honored just to know that I’m a finalist. Art is very subjective so who knows what will happen from here."

Southwest Art is one of the leading art magazines in the country having been published for more than 35 years. It boasts a circulation to over 51,000 art lovers. Several artists who have been featured in this contest have had their careers considerably accelerated. The 21 under 31 competition is definitely a career springboard for aspiring young professional artists.

Although he has attended workshops across the country by renowned artists, Penix is a self-taught professional who has been painting full-time since finishing school. He specializes in French impressionist scenes and still-lifes although he is available for commissions involving portraits, local homes and landmarks. "I never thought I’d be an artist but it has become my life… I even met my wife through art."

To see sample images of his work, click here