Primary Endorsements

Tomorrow Oklahomans vote and your vote counts in this Republic.  Please take time to consider each choice and what kind of representative would serve well in which position.  Tulsa Today has been reluctant to endorse candidates, but the strident efforts by the ruling class in both parties to subvert Constitutional restrictions on government authority and thus steal individual Liberty must be opposed.  There is no progress in Progressive or Liberty in Liberal.

Thus and directly because President Barack Hussein Obama commands unity from the Democrat Party at all levels, Tulsa Today can not endorse any Democrat.  We hope the Democrat Party will develop a platform that will again feature American principles, but the Socialist, Marxist, Communist principles featured currently and promoted with zeal by President Obama are anti-American.  We can recommend no Democrat at this time.

Further, with the nomination of Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court, we see Democrats advancing those who do not believe in “Natural or God given Rights.”  They believe that government provides all rights and that government can alter or take them away at will.  That is contrary to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America which is why we hope Congress will filibuster such “goose-stepping” Leftist loons.  

Primary Election Tuesday July 27, 2010


For Governor:     Mary Fallin

For Lieutenant Governor:      John A. Wright or Todd Lamb
Both of these candidates are well founded in conservative principles.  The difference is one of style.  Todd Lamb is the more outgoing.  John A. Wright is more the quiet college professor.  We like them both.

For State Auditor:     Gary Jones

For Attorney General:     Scott Pruitt

For State Treasurer:     Owen Laughlin

For Superintendent of Public Instruction:     Janet Barresi

For Commissioner of Labor:     Mark Costello

For Insurance Commissioner:     John Doak

For Corporation Commissioner:     Dana Murphy


For U.S. Senator:     Tom Coburn

For U.S. Representative District 1:     John Sullivan


For County Assessor:     Cheryl Clay

For County Treasurer:     Dennis Semler


For District Judge District No. 14 Office No. 3:     Clancy Smith

For District Judge District No. 14 Office No. 13:     Bill Musseman

These are our endorsements, but it is your choice.  Please vote as your heart and mind may lead you and hold your selections accountable for their actions while in office.  This is our individual responsibility to future generations of the Republic.