Mullet Over #418

Rhodium is usually considered to be the most expensive element on our planet. The price per ounce is approximately $2,500. Rhodium is used in jewelry, special aircraft parts and laboratory containers. The rarest naturally occurring element on Earth is astatine. Scientists claim that there is likely less than one ounce of astatine on this entire planet.

The Sahara Desert has been slowly expanding, sometimes covering villages with sand. Eleven African nations have joined efforts to stop the Saharan sand incursion. A nine mile wide band of especially selected trees is to be planted in this project which is to extend some 4,400 miles.

The enamel on a healthy person’s teeth is harder than copper.

There are at least 2,000 identified species of scorpions. The Emperor Scorpion can exceed 5 inches in length and live more than 8 years. Emperor “Scorps” are fairly docile and are said to make fine pets. Perhaps they are kept as pets by some folks, but not by me.

Some fish (cichlids) from Africa’s Lake Malawi have teeth in their throats.

Our galaxy (Milky Way) is more than 100,000 light years in width. Astronomers are aware of millions of other galaxies, most of which are larger than ours. Space scientists declare that there are almost certainly millions of galaxies beyond the “reach” of our greatest telescopes. I feel even more insignificant.

In a region of central Turkey called Cappadocia, nature has provided some tall cone-shaped spikes made of a soft stone called tufa. Since the 4th century A.D., humans have carved out multi-storied homes in the structures and many are still used as family dwellings.

From 1888 until 1912, a 13 foot dolphin known as Pelorus Jack was frequently seen escorting certain ships into a narrow New Zealand sea channel. Jack would normally accompany his chosen vessels for a distance of about 6 miles.

Another oddity of nature: The year was 1899 in North Dakota when a beaver dam apparently made entirely of coal was discovered. A beaver’s teeth are so long and sharp that Native Americans often used the incisors as knives.

Some who have camped in the African wildernesses say that the night cry of the spotted hyena is one of the most chilling sounds ever experienced. Animal scientists state that the emitted noises are communication signals and that each hyena has a distinct voice recognizable to others in his/her hunting party.

My family uses pretty much the same system at meal times. Well, I do not recommend chewing on copper, but I do wish you a pleasant week. (