Mullet Over #426

Maine is our 39th largest (33,265 sq. mi.) and 38th most populous (approx. 1.4 million) state.  For decades (until 1962), The Pine Tree State was the leading potato producer in the U.S.A.  In 1960 there were some 26,000 potato farms listed in Maine, and now there are fewer than 700.  Henry David Thoreau described the region as “all mossy and moosey.”

For those with fur coats: it is recommended that all furs be stored (never in plastic bags) at 45 degrees Fahrenheit when not in use.  Also worth noting is that mink, sable and raccoon furs are considered to be “durable” while fox and lynx deteriorate quickly, no matter the care afforded. We might consider letting the animals keep their own hides and see how that works out.

In Germany if someone mentions an “ohrwurm,” it literally means “ear worm” and is making reference to a tune that one cannot get out of his/her head.

Would you care to guess the world’s most popular fruit?  If you guessed banana, you selected the # 3 ranked item.  The tomato (yes, it’s a fruit) is #1 and mango (three times as popular as banana) is #2.

Medical care has made significant advances.  The prescribed treatment for one having an epileptic seizure (1870 Health Manual): “a black silk handkerchief thrown over the face … will bring the person ‘to’ instantly.”

In Hungary, Hungary is called “Magyar.” Maybe someone should inform the world of the country’s real name.

“American” bacon comes from the belly of the pig and is usually smoke cured. “Canadian” bacon is made from pork loin and is normally much leaner than its American counterpart.

The Saharan Desert is the largest desert (not counting Antarctica) on earth and is more than three times as large as the second largest (The Arabian Desert). The reason I mention Antarctica is that many contend that the continent’s annual precipitation qualifies the place as a desert and covers even more land area than does the immense Sahara.

Only once did the fabulous Elvis Presley have the year’s top-selling hit. That was in 1956 with Don’t Be Cruel. He was beat out by some unlikely candidates such as Debbie Reynolds (1957), Domenico Mudugno (1958) and The Boxtops (1967).

The JC in JCPenney stands for “James Cash.” Well, I hope that the ohrwurms don’t get you and that you have a terrific week.