OK Mud Slide

Three Democrat candidates for statewide office are attacking their Republican opponents in what many agree is an unprecedented "mud slide" of television allegations.  It’s not rare for a single race in an election year to turn nasty, but this year, there are three major races that are marked by ugly commercials with disputed claims.

Are the commercials effective, or does the "mud" stick more to the slinger?

Voters likely will decide; meanwhile, here’s what they are seeing from the three Democrats:

Kenneth Corn ~ The Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor has been attacking Republican Todd Lamb in a commercial that has been criticized as untrue by Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater, himself a Democrat. The commercial gives the impression that Lamb is under investigation by Prater; that’s the inference although the claim is not directly made. Corn has challenged anyone to prove the contents of the commercial are untrue.

Steve Burrage ~ Auditor & Inspector Burrage has attacked Republican Gary Jones in a commercial based in part on events two decades in the past. Jones says the allegations are misleading and false. The allegations include references to federal tax liens on a business, and a Jones lawsuit against now-imprisoned former Auditor Jeff McMahan.

Susan Paddack ~ The Democratic nominee for schools superintendent is airing a commercial that seeks to paint Republican opponent Janet Barresi as an elitist who practiced class warfare in the selection of students for a charter school she built from nothing. The claim appears based on nothing and has been criticized by many involved with Barresi in the charter school. Republican State Chairman Matt Pinnell today described the Paddack commercial as "despicable" in discussing it with Reid Mullins of NewsRadio 1000 KTOK.

The most recent SoonerPoll shows all three Democrats trailing their Republican opponents.