Journey to President Turns Back

One man decided it was time to tell President Barack Hussein Obama that he has made this nation "One America.”  Reynaud A. Thibodeaux told that he left Houston November 4th at 9 am on a bicycle to travel to the White House because after the election he felt President Obama, “wasn’t getting enough love.”

He traveled 525 miles, but it got cold so Thibodeaux returned to Houston by bus November 18.  The planned objective, according to Thibodeaux, "to let President Obama know that there are people that will ride a bicycle and walk in all kinds of weather, go through high waters and mud in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, live in an out of the way dive, take abusive insults, have a 2×4 thrown at them, but nothing will stop them from getting to the President.”

Nothing, that is, except two cold fronts.

Thibodeaux said he wanted the President, “to know we have waited a lifetime for him and now that he is President, we thank him for showing the world what humility and humble servant means and looks like. This country has not had a President with the savvy, poise, tenacity and steadfastness of President Barack Hussein Obama."

Black United Fund of Texas setup the "Journey to Washington, D.C. Fund", to support Thibodeaux on his trip "through all those states that for the most part are red and dead that have caused Mr. Obama much grief," writing further that "before it is over no matter what it looks like now, the. President will still create that change he spoke of during his campaign and the change we so desperately need."

Donation were solicited in the press release so, Thibodeaux could “stop and shower, eat and sleep as he moves on … so he can get some warmer clothes, if he needs too and if his bike decides it cannot go any further, he can get it fixed."

The press release also highlighted unity with Houston City Councilman Jarvis Johnson, Rev James McLaughlin of Avery Chapel AME Church, Oklahoma City, Ok, and Warriors of Truth-Black Women for a Changing Society, NAACP- Oklahoma, Voices of Veterans-Houston, NABVETS and the National Black United Fund.  Councilman Johnson planned to fly Mr. Thibodeaux and his bike back to Houston once he reached the White House.

Thibodeaux said, “The message is, America is the greatest country in the world, and we want President Obama to know he has given us the character and integrity to be One America.  God has called him for times such as these and we must support him."

The partisan Democrats of Oklahoma Community Forum carries a version of the Black United Fund of Texas news release on Thibodeaux with one poster "Wonkadelica" adding, "And while you are at it, also make a contribution to the Southern Poverty Law Center, so they can track the "second amendment election solution" hate groups, heavily infesting the areas Mr. Thibodeaux will be riding through, as closely as they will be tracking him."

Thibodeaux told that he "turned around at McComb, Mississippi after 525 miles and caught a Greyhound buss back."  Undaunted Thibodeaux said, "I am going to try it again in the Spring.  America is a beautiful country.  I am 67 years old and I don’t feel no pain."

“It was so awesome – there are lot of good hard-working Americans out here.  I thank God for being able to do this,” Thibodeaux said adding that the same groups that supported him in November will support him next Spring.


Editor’s Note:  Reynaud Thibodeaux promised to send photos of his effort that have not yet been received.  When they arrive, they will be added to this story.