Inhofe, Lucas on plant closure

U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) and Rep. Frank Lucas (R-Okla.-03) expressed great disappointment Wednesday after Imation, Inc. announced they will close their plant operations in Weatherford, Oklahoma and relocate to Japan, costing just over 100 Oklahomans their jobs.

Inhofe said, “At a time when more jobs are needed in Oklahoma and across the country, I am very disappointed to learn that Imation will close their facilities in Weatherford and cost over 100 Oklahomans their jobs. Imation worked with the Office of Naval Intelligence to digitize and archive over 10,000 deteriorating analog tapes containing vital acoustic intelligence gathered since the 1960s.  It will be important to bring new opportunities to Weatherford and find a new tenant for the Imation building.  I will continue working to foster an environment that encourages the creation of more jobs in our state and brings more work opportunities to Oklahoma.”  

Lucas said, “It is unfortunate to hear Imation will close their facilities in Weatherford. That is 100 good jobs hard-working Oklahomans have now lost in this bad economic climate. I will continue to focus on encouraging economic growth in Oklahoma and enacting policies that retain and create jobs in our state."