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Today at 4 pm on the David Arnett Show on AM 740 and FM 102.3 news, talk, KRMG, we will cover the general topic “Incompetence in Office” on a local, state and national level.

Tulsa City Councilor John Eagleton will be the guest in-studio during the first hour discussing his call this week for the ouster of Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett and answering listener questions on that and other local topics.  For more information, Tulsa Today readers may find his ouster affidavit and a power point presentation on the topic at

At the state level, a new $120,000-a-year job at the OU Health Sciences Center has been awarded to defeated gubernatorial candidate Jari Askins after her failed attempt to join the state Supreme Court.  OU President David Boren is proud to pay her from tax funds saying, “I’m sure she could have gone to work at a lot of places for more money, so this is a matter of personal commitment.”

It makes one wonder if Boren could prove that or is he just making it up?  Oklahomans often quip about former politicians now employed by state universities and colleges in less than complementary terms asking why state government doesn’t yet have the authority to audit all state educational organizations.  It could have something to do with the fact the Democrat Party has been the sole political power in Oklahoma for over a hundred years.  With the 2010 victory of Republicans, will they address transparency in higher education funding?

On the national level, a report prepared for the Department of Defense Irregular Warefare Support Program published in June 2009 has just now reached the public.  This highly credible report hidden by the Obama Administration for two years suggests that the financial crisis of 2008 which saw the evaporation of an estimated $50 trillion in global wealth “with more than a quarter of that loss suffered by the United States and her citizens” as a result of a deliberate attack by financial terrorists intent on destroying the American financial system.

“In an astonishing conclusion” according to the Daily Mail, the report claims two unidentified traders deliberately devalued trillions of dollars of stocks at the height of the crisis.  Further, that these untraceable bad actors undertook a three-tiered attack beginning in 2007, and that “Phase III of that attack may be under way right now.”  Tulsa Today readers may click here to read and download a copy of that 111 page report by respected economist Kevin D. Freeman, CFA.

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