We Will Need Honesty to Solve Debt Problem








Dr.  Coburn (R-OK) is proposing to cut spending by $20 billion as the Senate debates the small business bill. 

Dr. Coburn has filed the following seven amendments to S. 493 and looks forward to their adoption.  

 Targets include ethanol, funding for PBS and duplications identified by GAO.  

1. Eliminate funding for the ethanol subsidy                     $ 6 billion
2. Eliminate funds for leftover earmarks                            $ 7.3 billion
3. Eliminate program duplications identified by GAO      $ 5 billion
4. Eliminate unemployment payments to millionaires       $  20 million
5. Reduce new car purchases by the government               $ 900 million
6. Eliminate funds for ‘covered bridges’ program               $  8.5 million
7. Eliminate taxpayer subsidies for public broadcasting     $ 550 million

For the full background on each of the listed cuts, click here.