Iraqi War Vet hunts Bin Laden

As we approach the 10th anniversary of 9/11, an Iraqi war veteran and former military sergeant, has just embarked on an expedition into Afghanistan to capture Osama Bin Laden. 

Motivated by the hefty monetary reward, the ever-patriotic former para-military professional is taking matters into his own hands by getting on a plane and entering Pakistan through the rocky terrain of Afghanistan.  From here, he will travel through the mountains on his 2-man crusade to hunt for America’s most wanted criminal and bring justice to the world.

Armed with the necessary weapons such as AK 47’s, knives, hand grenades, pistols, night vision goggles, spy camera glasses and an up-armored vehicle, he plans to scour some of the most dangerous territories in the Central Asia in his efforts to detain one of the FBI’s “Most Wanted.”  With the help of another former Iraqi vet and a local anti-Al Qaeda guide, they will be led into areas in which they believe Bin Laden is currently hiding (according to inside tips from his Government intelligence connections within the US and Central Asia.)

He has no intention of killing Bin Laden but he wants to capture him and bring him back to America so that he can collect the $27 million dollar reward.  

He will be not only armed but also equipped with hi-definition cameras so that he can capture the unseen territories of Afghanistan. He will be coming back with footage of the terrain and his experiences.

We have omitted his identity to ensure his safety while he is in Central Asia.  Below please find links to follow him on his journey.