FDA attacks the Amish

Glenn Beck’s Tuesday May 17 show on FOX News exposed a new year-long investigative effort by the FDA to stop the hideous threat of unpasteurized milk.  With his uniquely compelling humor and massive sarcasm, Beck lampoons the latest government stupidity.   

Yes, according to Beck, American citizens no longer need to worry about the meth lab down the street or the 35,000 people killed on the Mexican border when the FDA is ready to break down the door of the Amish farmer to keep us all safe.  How dare those evil farmers fail to comply with government rules.  

Click here to see the video

Further news on this FDA effort may be found on the Food Freedom web site, click here for more or click here for the Google News list of other stories on this issue.

At the first FOX News link, Beck also outs GM (general motors or government motors depending on your perspective) for advertising support for a China Central Party memorial film.  Who knew when taxpayers purchased the company that we would be funding communist party activity?  

Glenn Beck is, at this time, one of the best communicators of honor on any broadcast network.  Teaching principles as well as policy, his daily offerings will soon end, but special features are planned on the FOX News Network.  Should be fun.