Waiting on ‘Recovery Summer’

Congressman James Lankford (R-OK) marked the one year anniversary of President Obama’s ‘Recovery Summer’ by rejecting the failed tax-and-spend policies that have sustained high unemployment.

“A year ago, President Obama declared a ‘Recovery Summer,’ but, for many
Americans, this recovery has been non-existent,” said Congressman

“Instead, this ill-fated slogan has only served to remind us of the administration’s failed economic policy. It has not created jobs, it has not helped our economy get moving again, and it has not reduced the deficit. 

"When President Obama kicked off his plan to tout the failed stimulus, he stated that the ‘economy is headed in the right direction,’ but the president should not declare a recovery with 9.1% unemployment.  The fact remains that our situation is not improving and the administration has failed to understand how their policies are preventing resurgence in our economy.  

“The argument against stimulus spending and expanded regulations has been sealed.  The only question that remains is when will Washington embrace free-market principles instead of a centrally-planned economy? 

"For the entirety of the 112th Congress, House Republicans have worked to implement a pro-growth agenda that includes the common sense proposals of tax reform, increased energy exploration, and empowering small businesses with common sense regulatory reform. As we mark the one year anniversary of ‘Recovery Summer,’ it is imperative that we pursue a plan that will spur private sector job growth in America. Our children’s generation needs and deserves better than what we have seen from this administration,” Lankford said.