Mullet Over #467

Scientists who study jackals claim that there are three distinct species of the elusive animal.  However, DNA testing has led some to suggest that the American Coyote might be considered to be a fourth species and possibly a fifth species thriving in Congress on other people’s money.

Viruses can live outside a host longer than we once thought. For instance, research shows that the hepatitis B virus can live (and remain infectious) for at least seven days without the benefits of any host environs.

As this column is rushed to press (2011), the fastest tennis serve ever “officially” measured was one of 156 mph by pro player Ivo Karlovic. I have doubts that I could deliver the “56,” forget the 100.

Although it has lost some of its phenomenal popularity, “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” did break all records to become TV’s most syndicated game show – broadcast in more than 100 countries.

Feel like enjoying a nice cool sweet treat? If you mosey (real word) on over to New York City and visit Serendipity 3, you can delight yourself with a $25,000 Ice Cream Sundae (tip not included).

Are you proficient on a bicycle? How about pedaling distances over 100 miles in 24 hours? In 2008 an exceptional man from Slovenia (Marko Baloh) cycled 553 miles in one day. Impressive.

France derives 76 percent of its electricity from nuclear energy. The United States gets 20 percent from nuclear power plants. Hey, that is only 96%, what happened to the other 4%?

Many historical events have occurred at Westminster Abbey. One of the earliest was the crowning of William the First (a.k.a. William the Conqueror) in 1066. On April 29, 2011, there was another William (and a Kate) involved in some sort of ceremony at that very same Abbey.

Toy manufacturers Fisher-Price and Mattel had a thriving rivalry ongoing for decades. That competition has greatly mellowed as Mattel now owns Fisher-Price.

On April 14, 1914 someone placed a bottle into the sea near Scotland. Some 92 years later (Dec. 10, 2006), the bottle was fished out of the water by Mark Anderson of Aberdeen (Scotland). Mostly the message was stuff about locations and was intended to aid in studying drift tendencies. Well, be cautious when returning a Karlovic serve and do have splendid weekend.