Mullet Over #473

It is difficult to astonish security staff at airports. However, some were a little surprised when a sedated tiger was discovered inside a woman’s luggage at Bangkok International.

I had long believed that the beautiful species of cactus known as the saguaro was native only to Arizona. I was recently informed by a plant expert that the saguaro also grows wild in Mexico and California. Well, live and learn.

Some scientists have been hard at work to discover methods of protecting us from unpleasant odors. Most early efforts simply “masked” offensive smells by using powerful mists of “pleasant” smells. Activated charcoal (carbon) sequestered odor molecules by absorption. New mixtures involving copper ions apparently chemically break down many molecules causing stench. Similar successes have been achieved using silver nanoparticles. Look for soon-to-be marketed odor eliminators in products such as diapers, bandages, draperies and men’s socks (my wife hopes).

A much more important scientific effort is yielding some promising results. A vaccine that eliminates addiction to cigarettes has recently received the attention of NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse). The vaccine is called NicVAX and early tests indicate that 24% of those receiving the shots totally quit smoking. Most of those not quitting significantly reduced the number of cigarettes they smoked. I would whole-heartedly support a triumph over human addictions to cigarettes.

The Amazon River Basin is a biological treasure area. It is therein that every third day (on average) a previously “unknown” species of plant or animal is discovered and scientifically described.

So far as scientists can determine, Earth is the only planet where fire exists. No other planet appears to have nearly enough oxygen to support combustion.

U.S. presidents John Tyler, Millard Fillmore and Chester A. Arthur had no vice presidents. Yes, Millard was once president of the United States.

King George II was the last British monarch to go into battle with his soldiers. There exists some historical irony as it seems likely that George Washington was named after the popular George II. It was against the forces of George II’s son that Washington successfully led troops in the American Revolution.

Medical researchers have long known that folks who dance to upbeat (presto) music can experience a vigorous workout. One of the most intense workouts can come from bodily vibrating to Little Richard’s “Tutti Frutti” at 188 beats per minute. I would be more likely to survive Elvis’ “Love Me Tender” with a mere 73 BPM. Well, enjoy the saguaro wherever you find them – and have a pleasant week.