Palin-affiliated firm inquires on race

In a column published today by, Maggie Haberman reports that calls were made by a law firm on the behalf of an un-named candidate to various early states to determine presidential filing deadlines.

The law firm, Baker Hostetler, employs lawyer Mark Branden, who represents Sarah PAC, which is Sarah Palin’s political action committee. 

While neither Sarah PAC or Braden would comment on the calls, Haberman notes that Palin is the only GOP politician considering the presidential race represented by the firm.

Haberman goes on to report that the first hard cut-off for entering the race is Oct. 28, when presidential candidates who hope to appear on the ballot in the New Hampshire primary would be required to submit a filing fee from a federally registered presidential campaign committee.

To read the story on Politico, click here.

Now there is some excitement for pundits to ponder.