Bob Anthony elected

Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner Bob Anthony has been elected Vice Chairman of the Commission.

Anthony says the Commission faces huge challenges as changes sweep the industries that are under Commission jurisdiction.

“From utilities to oil and gas production to telecommunications, the pace of change is quickening,” Anthony said.

“The challenge is that many of the questions the Commissioners now have to decide on a weekly basis didn’t exist when I first took office some 20 years ago. Indeed, the very role of the Commission has changed. We have moved from being solely a regulatory agency to one that must perform a variety of roles.

“Technology is behind many of the changes, as is the move to put more decision-making power into the hands of the consumer,” Anthony noted.

“Horizontal drilling in oil and gas production, huge advances in telecommunications, and the electricity “smart grid” which will enable consumers to make more proactive choices about power usage and costs are just a few examples.”  

In his 23 years on the Commission, Commissioner Anthony has served as Chairman five times. This will be his sixth term as Vice Chairman.

The vote on Vice Chairman was made necessary by the resignation of Commissioner Jeff Cloud, who had served as Vice Chairman.  Dana Murphy is the Commission Chair.