Mullet Over #482

In 1903, the Baltimore Orioles baseball team was moved to New York City and became the New York Yankees. Some fifty-one years later, the St. Louis Browns were moved to Baltimore and became the “new” Baltimore Orioles.

Little wonder that Benjamin Franklin supported the idea of naming the wild turkey as our national bird.  Unlike the fowl’s domestic cousins, the wild turkey is considered to be quite clever and agile.  Meleagris gallopavo does not require a running start in order to take flight and can reach aeronautical speeds that exceed 50 mph.

Cameras that are used by security agencies to monitor banks, airports and high-end retail outlets are becoming very technologically advanced. For instance, it is claimed that some of the new devices can be used to detect fluctuations in pulse-rates, changes in face temperatures, rapid pupil dilations and nervous body movements – all of which can be involuntary physiological indicators of intentions to commit crimes.

The bug world can be a treacherous realm. An insect with the unflattering name Assassin Bug employs a deceptive, yet very effective strategy to make spiders into “scrumptious” meals. The conniving predator will crawl onto a spider’s web and mimic a trapped fly. When the spider scampers out for lunch, she becomes the featured course instead of the diner.

Water demands in numerous American municipalities have some communities seriously considering recycling liquid sewages into drinking water. Big Spring, Texas and San Diego, California are two cities that have invested in facilities intended for converting aquatic wastes into potable tap water. Yummy.

The seeds that the famous Johnny Appleseed (aka John Chapman) distributed throughout much of Ohio and Indiana in the early 1800’s produced apples that were considered too tart to be eaten fresh. However, the fruit was deemed to be ideal for making hard apple cider. Speaking of Ohio, those not native to the area are sometimes surprised to learn that Columbus is the state’s largest city – not Cincinnati nor Cleveland.

As an April Fool’s gag in the 1990’s, the London Times reported a British government strategy to ease traffic congestion along the busy M25 highway. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, all traffic was to move only in the clockwise direction around London. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the flow was to all be counterclockwise. The BBC was completely taken in and broadcast the plan. Thousands of citizens were irate and government offices were inundated with complaints. Well, I hope that no one has targeted you for pranks – and that you have a great week.