Happy Thanksgiving

There is a great deal to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.   God, family, and freedom top my list with the community of Tulsa ranking as a significant blessing.

Tulsa is a young city in a young state.   Leadership has grown from  territory boosters through wildcat drilling to corporate headquarters, but the truly significant difference of the city is people.  Tulsans care about each other.  They quarrel and dispute of course, but hold personal honor and love for each other in high regard.

Since 1996 online and 1985 in print, it has been a pleasure to write for you.  It is not all I do, but Tulsa Today was established to provide an active connection that continues to grow now in the thousands of readers daily. 

Your calls and emails and in meetings throughout the city, your news is reflected here – our worldwide network linking neighbors.

This site has been involved in public debates and civic promotions.  We have earned critics and friends, but this Thanksgiving Day in this short note, as publisher, I would just like to say, personally, thank you. 

It is an honor to write for you.

Happy Thanksgiving.