Policy and issues

Last month I released my first Lt. Governor’s Policy and Issues Report outlining my vision for the State of Oklahoma and sharing ideas that I have received from constituents across the state.

This report comes after spending the last year traveling to all 77 counties, holding town hall meetings and listening to what Oklahomans have to say about public policy, primarily focusing on economic development.

“What impedes our growth as a state?”  That is the issue I desired to address through the Lt. Governor’s Policy and Issues Report. It’s not just a great byline – it’s an important question that affects the future of Oklahoma. Thankfully the people of our state were more than willing to supply suggestions and ideas in answer to that question.

The Lt. Governor’s Policy and Issues Report is made up of two parts. The first part contains my vision for our state and policy recommendations to help move Oklahoma forward.  This includes reforms in the areas of workers’ compensation, state income tax, education, job creation, economic development, transportation, tourism and general government.

The second part is comprised of ideas that stem from conversations I’ve had with Oklahomans from across the state. While all the ideas may not need to be implemented, it is healthy and beneficial to discuss these ideas and convictions important to Oklahomans.

Serving in the Governor’s cabinet as the Small Business Advocate, it is very important to me that small business owners in Oklahoma are able to have their say. Because of that, many small business owners and employees participated in the county town hall meetings and I am appreciative they were willing to offer ideas to address the challenges they face.

As Oklahoma moves further into 2012, I look forward to visiting with legislative leaders about this report. I encourage thoughtful discussion and debate because I know that it will make us stronger as a state. The people of Oklahoma continue to reaffirm my belief in the strength and vitality of our great state and the process of compiling the Lt. Governor’s Policy and Issues Report proved that is never truer than right now.

You can view the report on my website at ok.gov/ltgovernor. As always, my office is open and ready to assist you in any way we can. I am excited to hear your ideas on how we can increase economic development across the state. Feel free to visit our website at www.ok.gov/ltgovernor or call our office at 405.521.2161.