Comm. Doak praises opposition to mandate

Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John D. Doak today praised members of the Supreme Court for their resistance of the individual mandate during oral arguments.

The Supreme Court heard two hours of discussion where it questioned the Constitutionality of the law and whether there would be any limit to Congress’ power if it were allowed to stand.
“I am thankful to see that the Supreme Court recognizes that this law is beyond the power of Congress,” said Doak. “The questions raised by the justices during arguments clearly showed how far Congress could go in controlling our lives if the rationale for this law is accepted.”
During arguments, Chief Justice Roberts likened the law to a requirement to purchase a cell phone to call 911 for emergency services, while Justice Alito applied the government’s argument to burial insurance and Justice Scalia questioned whether Americans would also be required to purchase health club memberships. The justices also questioned whether the government could create new purchase requirements in other areas of everyone’s life, such as for transportation and food.
“Oklahomans deserve real solutions to our health care issues, and not the one-size-fits-all approach handed down by Washington. While the Supreme Court continues to review the problems with Obamacare, we will continue to work within our state to address our unique needs,” said Doak.

Other insurance news:

Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John D. Doak, Wagoner County District Attorney Brian Kuester and Wagoner County Sherriff Bob Colbert today announced the apprehension of Marshall Virden by the U.S. Marshall’s Fugitive Apprehension Task Force in Pinellas County Florida.
“We do not yet know the full scope of this criminal’s activity in Oklahoma and we are asking the media to help us find others who might have had contact or similar dealing with Marshall Virden,” said Doak.
A press conference is scheduled for 3:00 pm at the Wagoner County Courthouse on March 28, 2012 to discuss the details of Virden’s apprehension and forthcoming extradition back to Oklahoma.
Please contact the Oklahoma Insurance Department’s Anti-Fraud Unit at 405-521-6614 if you believe you have been victimized.
Virden, charged with exploitation of the elderly, allegedly convinced elderly victims to cash in their retirements for the purchase of gold certificates. OID’s Anti-Fraud Agents found during their investigation that no gold was actually bought for the victims; but that Virden had instead embezzled the victim’s money.

OID investigators brought their findings to Brian Kuester, the Wagoner County District Attorney, where charges were filed and a warrant was issued for his arrest.   Through an anonymous tip, the U.S Marshall’s were able to find Virden and arrest him earlier this morning in Pinellas County Florida.