House District 71 votes Tuesday

Analysis:  It is just one district, but in the attempt to fill an unexpired term; one candidate demonstrates honor and the other what political scum-sucker really means.  This is why so many people are disgusted with politics as currently practiced in America – specifically along the east bank of the Arkansas River to Lewis Ave. from 21st south to 81st in Tulsa.

Students of history know opponents have long damned each other in despicable rhetoric.  The so-called “negative campaigning” here doesn’t seem to fully describe it, but it is the most politically correct term for filth used by those without substance or honor.

The Democrat Dan Arthrell, 65, is the Director of Public Policy and Intergovernmental Affairs for the elitist charity organization, Community Service Council of Tulsa and he emphasizes his long experience as a lobbyist.  Arthell describes himself as a “closer.”

According to Wikipedia, “The Closer” is an American crime drama, starring Kyra Sedgwick as a Georgia police detective who closes her cases using questionable methods.  The same name was used in a 1991 movie of an aggressive salesman that retires then finds his new situation hazardous according to a synopsis posted online.

Most salespeople consider a closer one that forces confrontation with a customer to “buy or fly” which may be the worst self-description of a prospective legislator this writer has ever heard.  Why would Tulsa elect a pushy partisan of the minority party?  What good could he do for his Tulsa constituents with that attitude?

Arthrell’s web site praises his experience saying, “I have worked at the highly successful nonprofit agency the Community Service Council for thirty–three years.”

So, he wants to rise from the side of the table begging for tax money to sit on the side that distributes taxpayer money.  Do you think he might ever favor the organization that employed him for decades or evaluate each request on its merits?

Arthrell’s web site touts “Experience bringing people from both sides of the aisle together to solve problems.”

That’s just funny.  Campaign material in his behalf is aggressively and viciously partisan referring to “right-wing Republicans” with scary out-of-focus graphics.  Oh yeah that approach will build bridges and bring people together.  What a joke.  He is scum-sucking up using every negative stereotype Democrats dream.

Arthrell appears by his own statements to be a socialist power hungry hack promoted by the same people that worshiped Gene Stipe, Susan Savage, and the Democrat machine of self-enrichment that controlled Oklahoma for 100 years.

Republican Katie Henke, 31, has not gone negative in any media, mail or in personal appearance.  Henke is a preschool teacher at Riverfield Country Day School and has taught at the Little Light House and Montessori School.  She has worked as a volunteer for civic causes repeatedly over years.

Henke’s campaign is focused on eliminating excessive red tape on small businesses, eliminating waste in government and lowering taxes for all Oklahomans.  Henke is gracious in her personal persona, compassionate for people and holds a great sense of humor.  She ignores Arthrell’s embittered worn old liberal attacks.

As a teacher, Henke is outraged that the huge amounts of tax dollars directed at education do not, in vast measure, reach the classrooms where those funds are needed for simple supplies, books and tools to teach.  She has never joined a teachers union because, she told this writer, “they don’t help the children – they just help themselves.”

Apparently Arthrell thinks he is better on women’s issues than Katie Henke who was born a woman, but that may be a simple reflection of hate all Leftists hold for Conservative Women.  You know the insult, “those that hold to their guns and religion.”  It is simple hate absent respect by Left-wingers that, at the same time, make so much noise about respecting women.

Now in the spirit of full disclosure, this is the second Tulsa Today story on this race.  The first followed a primary debate and you can read that story by clicking here.  As a result of debate observation, we endorsed Katie Henke.  We were right.  She is the best choice.

Let us take it a step further:  Tulsa Today believes Katie Henke is the only honorable candidate in this race.

Henke may be young, but she has experience that the Legislature can learn from and a heart to serve her community with courage in the face of dastardly attack.

We would not endorse Arthrell, even now at the end of his middling career, to work in a waste water treatment facility although from careful review of his campaign material, he does know quite a lot about flocculation.

Please help Tulsa by electing an honest, honorable, positive, credible and hard-working representative for all the people.

Please vote for Katie Henke Tuesday April 3.