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Byron Burke for lower property tax

The Tuesday primary election features several critical races for State and County, but none that will impact your taxes more than the race for County Assessor. The current assessor has failed competence in his service and in training those in his office.

Byron Burke’s campaign for Tulsa County Assessor highlights that all Tulsa County property tax is too high. Further the Oklahoma Constitution requires “Taxes shall be uniform upon the same class of subjects.”

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Tulsa Gen X above average ownership

Young buyers in any generation have a hard time buying homes because they tend to earn less, and have less in savings or existing equity than older buyers. However, the analysis found that in the Tulsa metro area, 17.0% of Gen Z householders own their home, compared to 15.0% nationally.

But Gen Z—the population of Americans born between 1997 and 2012—faces even greater challenges: student debt, increasing rents, and unprecedented growth in home prices have put homeownership further out of reach. Market conditions have the largest impact on where Gen Z is able to buy homes, with more affordable locations being more likely to have higher numbers of young homeowners. To determine the locations with the highest Gen Z homeownership rate, researchers calculated the homeownership rate for householders aged 15–24 in 2020 and ranked metros accordingly.

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Kelly Dunkerley goals for the greater good

In the race for Tulsa County Commission (Dist. 3), Kelly Dunkerley is the overwhelming choice for conservatives. From private business to elected public service, Dunkerley has grown employment, reduced public expense, and built success forging policy with determination from a foundation of faith, integrity, transparency, and positive long-term relationships.

“I’ve always been interested in how to make things work better,” Dunkerley said. “How the critical pieces of policy and people merge to accomplish goals to grow the greater good. When things get off track, how to return to a positive trajectory to achieve a better result.” Dunkerley stresses that his goal is to lower the tax burden on Tulsans, grow the economy and fix our roads, bridges and challenging infrastructure.

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Kevin Gray: District Judge Office 12

Kevin Gray

Kevin Gray is running for District Judge for Tulsa and Pawnee Counties. Gray has served as an Assistant District Attorney for Tulsa County for the last 11 years as Director of the Homicide Unit and lead prosecutor on some of the most severe and high-profile murder cases in Tulsa County history. 

Gray is a product of Tulsa Public Schools and graduated from Booker T. Washington High School. He was a Presidential Scholar at the University of Tulsa, where he double majored in history and political science.  Gray obtained a Master of Public Service Administration from the Bush School at Texas A&M University, before returning to Tulsa to attend the University of Tulsa Law School. Outside of work Gray loves spending time with his wife, three daughters, and house full of pets. 

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Bob Jack campaign troubles growing

Graphic from screen shot

It appears County Commissioner Candidate Bob Jack has angered more voters than not with direct mail that promotes mail-in voting and arrived with private information included – specifically, full legal names and date of birth. The mailer unfolds into a “blank” request for a mail ballot to be sent back to the resident. Republicans are objecting.

Cynthia Little told KTUL Reporter Burt Mummolo Saturday June 19, she “found this to be objectionable.”

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