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Drummond South Ranch for Sale

It is a stunning property, huge, historic, and owned by the family of Oklahoma’s current Attorney General, but why, after 100 years, would it go up for sale? Some speculate the McGirt Decision or the new feature movie, “Killers of the Flower Moon,” may have come into consideration. Others suggest it is economics or aging leadership or could it be politics? Over 8,000 acres are under fence, just a thirty-minute drive from Tulsa.

From ethics reports, Attorney General Gentner Drummond loaned his campaign millions. In Oklahoma, you can earn 10% on that money as it may be paid back from contributors, but that is a lot of money out-of-pocket by any standard. Is this property sale to pay campaign debt or finance a bid for governor?

AG Drummond was the beneficiary of dark money with tribal connections and outright donations from tribal leaders. Is it possible that from his personal perspective, the McGirt Decision may return ownership of land to native tribes? That happened in South Africa where land owned for generations by farmers was given to native people once the South African Courts got involved. Is all Northeast Oklahoma, to say nothing of Tulsa, at risk? Does the family see writing on the wall?

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Bartlesville City Council Recall is organizing an effort to recall three Bartlesville City Councilors. This is the direct result of Council approval of public drag-shows contrary to expressed community outrage over such events being held at public venues (first in a public park in the center of the city). Public Votes have consequences.

NEOKgrassroots organizer Sarah Burnett wrote further on Facebook, “We live in a conservative small town, yet last year, a drag show took place on public property. Even though municipal code dictates that “[anyone who] lewdly exposes his person or genitals in any public place….shall be guilty…of a felony,” this event was allowed to take place, with many children in attendance.”

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Accountability upsetting Tulsa officials

It is a troubling question. Is the City of Tulsa more or less corrupt than the Daily Newspaper supporting City Councilors breaking the Oklahoma Open Meeting Act?

It really does take both to so invert reality as to describe violations of law leading to a lawsuit as a “ruckus” on the front page of the Easter Sunday Newspaper.

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Tulsa School Board election tomorrow

Editorial: Are you happy with the highest cost and lowest preforming public education district in Oklahoma? Asking for a friend who pays taxes. Do you like highly paid administrators dictating programs and spending your taxes without public oversight?

How bad does the Tulsa Public School System have to get before we begin to object to unionized workers indoctrinating children? Can we ever return to the basics of education, common cultural normality, and honoring individual student merit? Tulsa’s School Board District 1 (West Tulsa) voters will decide Tuesday.

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Bartlesville Citizens Alert

It is apparent in a story from V1Sut that citizens of Oklahoma must act locally to save our communities from those that deny God by claiming they are God. Ignoring objective reality and science, Self-Gods cannot tolerate faith in anything other than themselves. Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faithful may disagree on a great deal, but all believe in a higher power. No faith believes God makes mistakes including gender creation. From this story, we know there can be no common ground with Self-Gods. Will citizens of Bartlesville, Oklahoma stand to be heard or cower to immorality? What is Bartlesville’s community standard? We will know Monday night. Tulsa may take a bit longer.

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