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Tulsan to promote adoption as Mrs. Okla.

Mrs. Spring Gray, mom, entrepreneur and adoption advocate, of Tulsa was crowned United States of America’s (USOA) Mrs. Oklahoma 2021 November 9, in Garland Texas. She will go on to compete for the national title in Las Vegas in March 2021.

Gray promoted her platform of helping adoptees battle closed records after successfully meeting her birth mother who lives in Michigan.

“I’ve always been excited to share my adoption story,” Gray said, “but the birth of my son made my story feel more incomplete than ever. I began seeking out my birth family to find medical information and answers.”

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Audit the vote

Friday night in Tulsa, citizens from Northeastern Oklahoma rallied at LaFortune Park to make a simple request of the nation – honest election.

American, Trump, Back the Blue and Gadsden flags were abundant and waved with pride. Trump Campaigns signs were joined with never before seen signs demanding a just voter process.

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Tulsa County race heating up

Dr. Josh Turley

Surging in the race to replace an incumbent as Tulsa County Commissioner for District 2, Dr. Josh Turley is sharping his attack in recent email and online as an outsider on a mission.

Dr. Turley writes, “We cannot allow another four years of voting against the ICE and 287G programs! We must have a County Commissioner that respects the authority of law enforcement to keep the peace! We must have a Commissioner who we know, without a doubt, will stand behind our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights!”

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America: Hope and help to treat COVID-19 at home

SARS-CoV-2 virus was virtually unknown when it hit in early 2020. COVID-19, as the disease is known, now has more than 60,000 National Library of Medicine citations, as the internet disseminates information at the speed of light. Recently President Trump was treated early for COVID-19, with rapid success.

What are the lessons learned from the scientific research?

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