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Justice for Gertrude, Part 2

The mystery deepens with current interviews

Gertrude Marshall Blakey was attacked October 13, 1981, in the doorway of her home in one of the most exclusive wealthy neighborhoods in Tulsa. Forty years later, it remains an unsolved open case of homicide and, oddly, many who could describe the events surrounding her death have never been questioned by police.

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Attack on ex-girlfriend sentenced

US Attorney Clint Johnson

A 28-year-old Tulsa man was sentenced in federal court for breaking into a former girlfriend’s home and strangling her in a 2021 Mother’s Day attack, U.S. Attorney Clint Johnson announced today.

U.S. District Judge Stephen J. Murphy III sentenced Anthony Lamont Mason II to 84 months in federal prison followed by three years of supervised release.

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Labor of love recognized

Joanna George

From age 15, Tulsan Joanna George provided primary care for her grandmother, which was drastically different from the daily life most teenagers know. Her daily routine included feeding and diapering an older adult. George said, “At times my schedule giving care felt like a liability, but I loved my grandmother very much.”

From that love George found a career, mission, and passion for geriatric medicine that her supervisors in academia discovered held a unique insight into their dataset because of her lived experiences as a caregiver. This also empowered her to advocate for other caregivers by talking openly about her own challenges with caring for a medically frail adult.

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Premium shopping expands south

Simon Premium Outlets is a visible sign of a metro accomplishment as they resume development of Tulsa Premium Outlets in Jenks.

Rich Brierre, Executive Director, Indian Nations Council of Governments (INCOG) said, “The major metro area of Tulsa has grown to over 1 million people – that’s a major milestone.”

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Bob Jack’s conflicts in construction

Candidate Bob Jack

Updated: Tulsa County Commission District 3 Candidate Bob Jack, in mailings and public debate, defines himself as a “businessman not a politician” with construction experience that will help Tulsa County. However, in Jack’s case both politics and business can’t be separated based on his behavior. He’s been a politico for decades and ran for office multiple times. It is impossible to separate yourself from what you have actually done.

In this story, a new truth is illuminated for Tulsa County taxpayers. In 2014, Bob Jack not only supported a 15-year tax proposal; he chaired it’s fundraising effort, then worked to help his company get the contracts. The criminal justice tax initiative, in total, constructed a new juvenile justice center but failed to deliver the promised “four additional pods” at the Tulsa Jail.

The “Protect Our County” campaign was established by County Commissioner Karen Keith and Sheriff Stanley Glanz. Bob Jack, worked for Manhattan Construction as a senior vice president during the time he was actively campaigning for the initiative, according to his LinkedIn profile. In theory, nothing is all that bad about working for a company while also helping campaign for a local sales tax initiative – unless the lines get blurred.

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