Memorial Day

Editorial:  Some celebrate the fruits rather than the roots of freedom this Memorial Day 2012.  But those that understand the price paid over generations know that individual courage in honor together built the freedom we enjoy this day. 

Liberals who dare not directly attack America’s military today whine in coverage of the difficulties returning service men and women face.  Consider that many more return from tours of duty to successful private lives.

Many in service understand that the only way to have immediate peace is to immediately surrender to slavery.  That cannot be allowed.  America is the last best hope for freedom worldwide.  We must not betray our calling even in difficult times.  We are people of honor.  I believe we will stand – in majority – for freedom here and abroad.

President Obama doesn’t like the military beyond photo ops and pandering.  Claiming to be a "Constitutional Scholar" his record shows otherwise as he continually seeks to fundamentally change the relationship between free individuals and the government.  By his actions, President Obama seeks to rule this land from the center of government which is the definition of Marxism.

Americans are individualists.  We don’t need to shout it.  We don’t need to tell the media about it, we just live free by our faith for family and individual futures as we determine they shall be.  

Because we elected a fabricated fiction for President, we face an internal struggle that the military can only assist by their individual votes.  November of 2012 we will be challenged by voter fraud at the polls and leftists riots in the streets.  They are planning it.  They have talked about it.  Marxist don’t give up power easily – they are addicted to it.  President Obama’s best friends suggest that 25 million Americans would have to die to accomplish the revolution they demand because we will not give up individual freedom.

But should you doubt the outcome of any contest Americans decide to win, see this video for a reminder of how important each individual can be to the outcome of any conflict. (Tip of the hat to for noticing this citizen patriot video.)

Remember the Constitution of the United States of America we swore an oath to honor and pledge to uphold.  Now is the time to uphold that oath and defend the Constitution by standing without violence, without rancor, without dispute, but as free citizens to vote this November for Liberty to overcome socialist change by the Liar and Chief with his regulating minions driving us to poverty and preaching divisive self-destruction.