Anthony accused of protecting harassing aide

Updated: A previously confidential now broadcast report raises questions of Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner Bob Anthony’s competence and management. FOX 25’s second report details reaction from the Oklahoma Public Employees Association.

The report details how one employee’s problems have cost the state thousands of dollars and possibly much more in lost productivity. Critics of Anthony says he is protecting an employee who has threatened to get others fired following the upcoming primary election.

Click here for the video report from Fox 25, KOKH-TV.

In response Anthony’s Republican challenger, Brooks Mitchell, released a statement late this afternoon that reads in part:

Last night Oklahoma City’s FOX News station aired a scathing report about a personal staff aide for current Corporation Commissioner Bob Anthony. According to the broadcast, the unnamed aide has been accused and investigated on several occasions after dozens of sexual harassment, improper conduct and creating a hostile work environment by women who work at the Corporation Commission.

Despite a report by an outside agency detailing allegations by more than 30 women and a recommendation by the investigators that the unnamed aide never be allowed to be alone with female workers, Anthony continues to pretend there’s no problem.

“Bob always talks about his leadership, his integrity and being a watchdog. Where’s the leadership when he allows a man to continue act in an inappropriate manner towards female co-workers and create a hostile work environment to continue to work for him?"

“Did he not understand the significance of the report’s finding that this man never be allowed to work alone with women at the Commission?”

“This attitude towards women went out with the rotary telephone. It’s obvious Bob is totally out of touch with his workers, with his own integrity and his ability to lead.” 

The Oklahoma Public Employees Association says issues detailed in confidential report obtained by Fox 25 could pose problems for employees at the Oklahoma Corporation Commission.  The OPEA says employees have a right to file grievances against the agency if they feel issues are not being handled properly.  The former director of administration of the commission [Brooks Mitchell] says Anthony’s inaction has aided in creating a negative working environment.

Click here for the FOX 25 report on Oklahoma Public Employees Association’s position.