Jackson: EPA never blamed for job loss

If there is one indisputable and troubling fact to be gleaned from the Obama administration, it is that their idea of reasonable regulation extends far beyond what most consider even sensible. 

The administration has been accused, with some justice, of trying to price oil, coal and now natural gas out of existence, a stance that has cost them inordinate amounts of support in energy producing states such as West Virginia and Oklahoma, and which has cost thousands of blue collar workers their jobs. In fact, even high ranking officials within the EPA admit that driving entire industries out of business in those very states is their goal to begin with.
But perhaps most infuriatingly of all, even in the face of all this evidence, the Obama administration has retained an absurdly oblivious stance on its behavior. “What do you mean, we’re hurting people,” their response usually goes, “don’t you want us to have clean air and water? Think of the children!”
And today, this condescending refusal to acknowledge that their agenda could hurt people has reached its peak. In an interview with Roland Martin on TV One’s “Washington Watch,” the head of the EPA herself, Lisa Jackson, made the jaw-dropping claim that the EPA has never been blamed for a loss of jobs. Video and transcript, courtesy of the Washington Free Beacon by way of The Blaze is available for your consideration by clicking here.

The Blaze summarizes:  Solar power might still be an overpriced pipe dream, but sunlight is still the best disinfectant.