Obama: ‘People shouldn’t be able to own guns’

John Lott recently said on the Laura Ingraham radio show that in their first meeting then-Senator Barack Obama said, "People should not be able to own guns."

Lott, a gun rights advocate, taught at the University of Chicago with Obama "for about four years" and talked with him several times.  At their first meeting, Lott says Obama opened the conversation with, "Oh you’re the gun guy."

Lott replied suggesting that they could have lunch and talk about it.

Obama, Lott said, then stated "People should not be able to own guns" as he turned and walked away.

Lott said he knows what Obama’s views are on guns as they later talked in detail over the years.

Ingraham expressed surprise that this testimony has not been wide spread and Lott replied that he told the New York Times, but they did not include it in their story.

Click here to hear the audio posted on Western Journalism.