Bikini Hockey League welcomes prospects

Tulsa, Okla. – The Bikini Hockey League has garnered nationwide attention on the concept of providing an avenue for women hockey players to showcase their athleticism and grace. Player prospects are in Tulsa today conducting interviews and showing their skating skills. 

The player prospects are in town shooting a sizzle reel for interested reality television production companies in Hollywood.
Concept developer Cary Eskridge and Chris Wallace were on hand to set the record straight.  “The Bikini Hockey League is inline skating and can be played indoors or out. Players will wear bikini tops with traditional hockey gear that includes helmets, elbow pads, gloves, padded compression pants and shin guards,” said Eskridge.
“First and foremost, we want people to know these girls can skate,” commented Wallace.
After the Bikini Hockey League started trending on the internet, several television production companies in Hollywood contacted Wallace.  “There was significant interest in filming this concept from the very beginning to show how the BHL got its start.  By showing the reality of it coming together we thought it would be a great way to develop a fan base,” said Wallace.
Ten player prospects were selected to come to Tulsa from hundreds of submissions.  Interested candidates submitted their information online at the Bikini Hockey League website.  All candidates were interviewed by Wallace and Eskridge to make sure they selected the cream of the crop. “The level of talent some of these girls have is quite impressive,” said Eskridge.
Three prospects are from Canada.  Each started playing ice hockey when they were near the age of four and continue to play today in recreational leagues or on full college scholarships. Kelly Laing falls into this group of prospects.
“I recently graduated from the University of Canada and had the opportunity to attend on a track and field or fully-funded hockey scholarship.  I ultimately chose track and field since opportunities for women beyond college in hockey are non-existent,” commented Laing.  “I’m excited about the BHL because it has great potential to highlight great women skaters and add a fun element to the sport.”
Since the prospects arrived in Tulsa there is definitely competition in the air.  Upon arrival all prospects were shown video of other players who were considered but not invited. They were also given the biographies of each other and soon realized how strong some prospects are. 
Each prospect has been outfitted with a team uniform and matching gear. “We are contacted everyday by a variety of companies wanting to sponsor us. Our bikinis, hockey gear and other merchandise has been provided complimentary,” said Eskridge.
Player prospects are practicing at an undisclosed location in Tulsa and will visit area locations to secure interesting footage for creation of a sizzle reel.  Reality television production companies in Hollywood have requested the sizzle reel to understand what the buzz in the hockey world is all about.
“Once the reel and footage are submitted it will be up to the best offer we receive to move forward with league development,” commented Wallace, “funding of the reality show will help fund creation of various leagues across North America since we have investors lined up to create BHL leagues in their area.”
The Bikini Hockey League has been featured on CBSSports, FoxSportsSouthwest, Playboy Radio, Yahoo Sports, NESN, NBCSports, and numerous other media outlets since April 2012. The brainchild of Cary Eskridge and implemented by Chris Wallace, interest for the Bikini Hockey League in reality TV production circles in California is quite the buzz. Women, who can actually play hockey?  Yes.  Women playing hockey in bikinis? Yes.   In Oklahoma? Yes.