Dan Boren’s humor

So what would be on your bucket list after serving in Congress?  Oklahoma’s own Representative Dan Boren had five things for fun.

Cloture Club’s Andrew Heaton (known for humorous interviews) recently sat down with outgoing Congressman Boren (D-OK).  Retiring in January, Boren apparently provided a list that he and Heaton then acted out – everything from racing down the halls of congress to a doorbell-ditch of another congressman and you can watch the video at the links below.

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The Blaze news site picked up the fun, but wondered if the stress of being a Blue Dog Democrat had twisted Boren’s sense of propriety.   We doubt it.

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As long-term observers from Boren’s Oklahoma, Tulsa Today suggests he may have a dozen more pranks he would have liked to pull, but resisted the urge.  

We may totally disagree with his party and some of his own positions, but we appreciate Boren and, after his term over a cold beer, we would love to know what other pranks he considered and if he had something specific to leave a little "Okie Attitude" in answer to the heavy-handed "Chicago Way" of politics he endured from the Obama Administration. 

Boren was quoted as saying on Obamacare, "you will have to walk over my dead body before I vote for this bill."  He said tax increases in the bill would cause more job loss and he was right.   He knows a bit of economics, the Constitution and his people in Oklahoma.