Behead for speech

World Net Daily’s Bob Unruh is reporting that a jihadi writer who has praised the murderer of a Dutch filmmaker is offering a suggestion to cut down on the criticism of Islam around the globe: Behead the critics and post their heads along roads. 

Oh, and post a sign that says, “This is the punishment of those who insult our prophet.”

The report comes from the Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor, a unit of the Middle East Media Research Center.

The organization, which monitors Middle East media, said the comments were made by Muhib Ru’yat al-Rahman, a senior writer of a leading jihadi forum called Shumoukh al-Islam.

He suggested that Muslims living in Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and the U.S. kill Westerners who criticize Islam and display their decapitated heads along roads.

“While expressing respect for those calling to boycott European and American products over the release of the film ‘Innocence of Muslims,’ which negatively depicts Muhammad, Muhib insists that the best way to deter people from insulting Muhammad and his wives is to implement his proposal,” the terror monitor report said.

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So for those that think Radical Islam is compatible with civilization in general or the United States Constitution in particular, this again proves otherwise.  This writer is calling for action which is recommended by the faith specifically in the the Koran and other documents.  This is not the first nor the last call for such murder by followers of Islam.

This is what they teach their children.