Mullet Over #534

Phobatrivaphobia is the fear of trivia about phobias.
Psueudophobatriviaphobia would be the fake fear of trivia about phobias –
not a common affliction.

The Confederation Bridge (8 miles long) connects Prince Edward Island to mainland Canada (New Brunswick). Folks in cars can ride to the island and cross the Confederation Bridge free of any fees. Likewise, people can have their automobiles transported to Prince Edward Island using the available ferries and pay nothing. However, when leaving, it costs $45 per car to use the bridge and $67 (depending on American/Canadian exchange rates) to use the ferries. One can walk back over the bridge for a mere $4.50.

OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) is made up of Algeria, Angola, Ecuador, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Venezuela. Of course the organization is headquartered in Austria.

The state of Maine is bordered by only one U.S. state: New Hampshire.

Food intended for human consumption is commonly sterilized by four methods: Extreme pressure (at least 100,000 PSI), high temperature (252 degrees Fahrenheit), dehydration (Water Activity below .85) and high acidity (less than 4.6 PH). Foods kept sterile can remain free of bacterial contamination for decades. However, it is claimed by food-testers that the taste-quality of foods thusly sterilized often suffers significantly.

During the years 1918 & 1919, more people died from influenza infections than from all military actions during World War I (1914-1918).

Buttons have been around for about 5,000 years. However, all indications are that early buttons were for decorative purposes only. It was not until the 1200’s that some clever haberdasher decided that a button might make a great clothes-fastening apparatus. Pins and buckles were the clothes-fastening devices of choice prior to the “button” era.

Medical research has shown that most people’s hair grows at a measurably slower pace as they edge past the age of forty. Similar studies reveal that the cutting/shaving of hair has no effect on the growth rates of flexible protein strands (hair).

Koala fingerprints are remarkably similar to human fingerprints.

The American and the Pacific tectonic plates meet along a line known as the San Andreas Fault. This line of intense geological stress runs about 650 miles through California. Some horrible earthquakes have occurred in the fault regions and sadly, scientists predict that more quakes are extremely likely.

Well, keep those new-fangled buttons straight – and have a great week.