Mullin responds to Biden threat of Executive Order

On Wednesday Vice President Joe Biden stated that the Obama Administration could use Executive orders to implement gun control measures. Congressman Markwayne Mullin (OK-2) disagrees.

“The president is going to act. Executive orders, executive action, can be taken,” Biden told reporters before meetings conducted on the gun control subject.

Mullin issued the following statement in reaction to the Administration’s aggressive measures.

“What the President and the Executive branch are trying to do on gun control is absurd. The President’s use of executive orders to limit Second Amendment rights is only a tactic to bypass Congress and force untested laws onto the American people.  Under the U.S. Constitution, Congress is required to be the primary source of federal legislation, and I will fight to ensure that Congress does not abandon our responsibility to the American people by delegating our role in government to the executive branch, particularly regarding such an important issue as the Second Amendment.  I will continue to fight against the President’s agenda on gun control. As American citizens we have the Constitutional right to bear arms.”