City Races Begin

By David Arnett, Publisher    
Wednesday, 11 January 2006
Republican Randi Miller files in Tulsa mayoral raceCandidate filing for city offices closed today with surprises and amusement.  The last-minute entry of Tulsa County Commissioner Randi Miller into the mayor’s race suggests a lively and close primary contest for Republicans as Mayor Bill LaFortune battles to retain the job.  Former State Representative Don McCorkell and former Oklahoma Secretary of Commerce Kathy Taylor should compete with passion reflecting the deep divide within the Tulsa County Democrat Party.

Local characters “Accountability” Burns and Paul “Bicycle Boy” Tay should provide gist for humor, but Tulsans are looking for competence in leadership, knowledge of city issues, and the ability to guide Tulsa’s growth as a dynamic city in the 21st Century.

A complete listing of the candidates follows and in weeks to come Tulsa Today will interview the candidates for your careful consideration.  For the office of Mayor we are most interested in asking candidates the following:

1.) Define Tulsa in 10 words or less.
2.) Define your vision for Tulsa’s future.
3.) What specific goals do you expect to achieve during the term?
4.) Who will you appoint to key positions within your administration?
5.) How will you maintain a substantive ongoing conversation with Tulsa citizens?
6.) Will you pledge not to lie, steal, cheat, or hang with those who do?
7.) Why should we trust you in this important job at this important time?

We look forward to bringing you their answers – or not.

Tulsa Today will post interviews as they become available.  We will also accept paid political advertising (the publisher was against that, but staff out-voted him).  Analysis of all races will be posted prior to both the primary election March 7th and the general election April 4th.

Declared Candidates


Alexander Jr., James
2124 N. Owasso Ave
Tulsa, OK  74106        DOB  06/05/52

Burns, A.
1210 S Cheyenne Ave, #303"
Tulsa, OK  74119"      DOB  12/22/26

Clark Sr., Prophet-Kelly L.
4459 N. Detroit Ave
Tulsa, OK  74106        DOB  07/08/72

Desmond Jr, James Oliver
5937 E. Marshall St.
Tulsa, OK  74115        DOB  04/27/53

McCorkell Jr, Don
2690 S. Terwilleger Blvd
Tulsa, OK  74114        DOB  06/28/47

Taylor, Kathy
2811 S. Columbia Place
Tulsa, OK  74114"      DOB  09/29/55

Faulk, Benford L
7330 S Victor Ave, #1805
Tulsa, OK  74136        DOB  11/24/46

Tay, Paul C.
4004 S Toledo
Tulsa, OK  74135        DOB 09/01/62

Harper, Brigitte
1711 S. Jackson, #AA
Tulsa, OK        DOB  06/22/60

LaFortune, Bill
3120 S. Birmingham Ave.
Tulsa, OK  74105        DOB  08/23/57

Medlock, Christopher S.
2919 E. 82nd Pl. So.
Tulsa, OK  74137"      DOB  12/20/57

Miller, Randi Ann
6924 S 32 W Ave
Tulsa, OK  74132"      DOB  06/27/56


Willis, Michael Brandon          Republican
5115 S. Madison Ave
Tulsa, OK  74105        DOB  08/31/80

Wood, Phil      Democrat
3622 S. Yorktown PL
Tulsa, OK  74105        DOB  12/29/24

Tulsa City Council


Henderson, Jack R     Democrat
2014 N Rosedale
Tulsa, OK  74127        DOB  04/22/50

Lowry, Roger             Democrat
1806 W Cameron St
Tulsa, OK  74127        DOB  07/16/56


Prather, Paul F.                Republican
2680 East 69th Street
Tulsa, OK  74136        DOB  11/09/64

Westcott, Rick D.       Republican
2508 W. 68 Pl.
Tulsa, OK  74132        DOB  10/15/54


Patrick, David Edward  Democrat
5712 E. Tecumseh
Tulsa, OK  74115        DOB  04/22/51

Rapson, Gerald A.         Republican
6267 E. Latimer Place
Tulsa, OK  74115"      DOB  05/25/32

Turner, Roscoe H.      Democrat
3415 E. Haskell St
Tulsa, OK  74115"      DOB  02/16/32


Barnes, Maria              Democrat
1319 S Terrace Dr
Tulsa, OK  74120"      DOB  07/28/60

Bartlett, Robert C        Republican
2744 South Braden
Tulsa, OK  74114"      DOB  08/03/29

Brinkley, Rick              Republican
1722 S. Carson Avenue, #3000
Tulsa, OK  74119"      DOB  07/25/61
McKinnon, Charles Stewart    Democrat
1210 S Cheyenne, #313
Tulsa, OK  74119"      DOB  06/05/60

Morlan, Kent                Republican
410 West 7th St., #926
Tulsa, OK  74119        DOB  09/22/43

Wing, John E.             Democrat
1373 Riverside Dr.
Tulsa, OK  74127"      DOB  09/28/43


Kirby, Jon                    Democrat
6703 East 26th Place
Tulsa, OK  74129        DOB  06/20/79

Linson, Douglas E"        Republican
9212 E 37th Place
Tulsa, OK  74145"      DOB  02/12/29

Madden III, John Gregory"       Republican
2175 South 74th East Avenue
Tulsa, OK  74129"      DOB  05/29/51

Martinson Jr, William Edward"   Republican
3521 S. Darlington Ave.
Tulsa, OK  74135        DOB  07/08/55

Nichols Jr, Albert"             Democrat
8525 East 16th Street
Tulsa, OK  74112        DOB  09/15/29


Buchert, Theresa        Republican
542 So 127 E Ave
Tulsa, OK  74128"      DOB  12/12/53

Mautino Sr, James Savino"     Republican
14628 E 12th St
Tulsa, OK  74108        DOB  05/11/32

Troyer, Dennis K.        Democrat
12811 E. 13th Place
Tulsa, OK  74128"      DOB  08/14/40


Eagleton, John M.       Republican
5748 E. 62nd St.
Tulsa, OK  74136        DOB  02/09/59

Gwin Jr, Robert A.       Republican
5208 S. 75th East Ave.
Tulsa, OK  74145"      DOB  06/18/73

Zarley, Gary R."           Republican
7057 East 53rd Street
Tulsa, OK  74145"      DOB  01/30/33


Christiansen, William L           Republican
5106 E 86th Place
Tulsa, OK  74137        DOB  12/23/47

Magee, Clifford Russell           Republican
9722 S.  Sandusky
Tulsa, OK  74137"      DOB  11/06/59


Carter, Cason             Republican
3537 S. Trenton Ave.
Tulsa, OK  74105"      DOB  02/28/77

Kates, Phil                   Democrat
4604 E. 32nd St.
Tulsa, OK  74135"      DOB  05/28/48

Stava III, William J.      Republican
5812 South Wheeling Avenue
Tulsa, OK  74105"      DOB  09/05/68

Republican Randi Miller files in Tulsa mayoral race
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