City Election Results

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Wednesday, 08 March 2006
Tulsans decided primary contests for local office Tuesday with Republican incumbent Mayor Bill LaFortune defeating two strong challenges from within his party and Democrat newcomer Kathy Taylor winning her first election.

By the final, but not certified count, here is how Tulsans cast their votes.

Mayor: Republican
Bill LaFortune   13,894
Chris Medlock   11,105
Randi Miller   7,038
Brigitte Harper   513

Mayor: Democrat
Kathy Taylor   16,852
Don McCorkell   7,977
A. Burns   292
James Alexander Jr.   431
James Desmond   303
Prophet-Kelly Clark   298

Council District 1: Democrats
Jack Henderson   3,498
Roger Lowry   652

Council District 2: Republicans
Rick Westcott   1,783
Paul F. Prather   1,312

Council District 3: Democrats
Roscoe Turner   1,467
David Patrick   1,358

Council District 4: Republicans
Robert Bartlett   1,251
Rick Brinkley   1,022
Kent Morlan   458

Council District 4: Democrats
Marla Barnes   1,739
John Wing   1,044
Charles McKinnon   469

Council District 5: Republicans
Bill Martinson   1,929
John Madden   730
Douglas E. Linson   446

Council District 5: Democrats
Jon Kirby   1,687
Albert Nichols   688

Council District 6: Republicans
James Mautino   1,310
Theresa Buchert   1,017

Council District 7: Republicans
John M. Eagleton   3,638
Gary Zarley   1,070
Robert A. Gwin   297

Council District 8: Republicans
Bill Christiansen   3,521
Clifford Magee   2,791

Council District 9: Republicans
Cason Carter   3,151
William Stava   2,848

Of the most well known political voices making citywide Council endorsements, the Tulsa World (daily newspaper) called four races that won.  Online blogger Michael Bates ( correctly called seven.  Publisher David Arnett ( endorsed eight of nine races for City Council and failed only on the surprising victory of a man with a locally famous last name, but who had announced he was not running for the office as Robert Bartlett won in District 4.

Now voters look to the General Election April 4th for the final selections for mayor and those council seats still contested by two parties.

Photo Credit: "City Lights" by John Southern, Southern Photography
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