Self Gallery Outlet for Undiscovered Artists

Vanessa Somerville, owner of Self Gallery, will host an open house from 7 to 10 p.m. Jan. 12 at the gallery, 2012 E. 11th Street, where she will display original artwork from her predominately clay-based collection.

Self Gallery opened in September 2006, including 10 new and young artists with sponsorship by Kilkenny’s Irish Pub and Eatery.  A show in October featured Becky Gelder – and her unique prints steadily gained popularity after their Self Gallery debut.  

Somerville selflessly opened Self Gallery in an attempt to give future Tulsa artists the first chance to get their own show and display their original artwork.  Her space at 11th and Lewis is a cozy, intimate gallery with gleaming white walls beckoning colorful artwork to be displayed.

Somerville is not just an art-gallery owner – she is an artist herself.  She also gets involved with these young artists by teaching skills to help them get started in compiling their own body of work, and by mentoring them in the areas of support and confidence building.  Somerville encourages new artists that she knows aren’t confident to feel free to be creative and expressive.

She points out that almost any media is okay, and says she is not a strict censor like other Tulsa gallery operators, so artists are able to "display their true creative side, uncensored” and to be able to get all aspects of creativity out.  One of her noble goals is to "foster the young people in the community," and to help them "feel special.”

The benefit of these shows is a win-win situation for the artists and the public alike.  "Amazing and unique artwork can be purchased at a reasonable price," said Somerville.  “It’s a chance to discover talented artists before they get known – and get expensive."

As for the gallery itself, Somerville says creative opportunity is flourishing.  The gallery is booked with upcoming shows through October of this year.

The upcoming show is being sponsored by Tsunami Sushi and Asian Bistro.  The show will feature 20-25 new and original works of art by Vanessa Somerville, a “creative and nurturing” art-gallery owner.  For more information or to contact the gallery, click here to reach the myspace page.
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 09 January 2007 )