Mayor Taylor pleads for support

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Wednesday, 11 July 2007
Mayor Kathy L. Taylor is pleading with constituents to lobby City Councilors for support to purchase the One Technology Center (formerly the Wiltel Building).  In an e-mail complete with City Councilor’s e-mail addresses included Taylor wirtes:

The City of Tulsa is facing a critical decision in the next few days and I am writing to ask for your support.

A few months ago, I assembled a team to analyze the feasibility of purchasing One Technology Center (formerly known as the Wiltel building) in downtown Tulsa for the consolidation of city government.  Our current City Hall building has become both a liability and an opportunity.  It is a liability in that we have identified approximately $24 million in deferred maintenance needs. It is an opportunity in that because of its proximity to the convention center and to the new BOK Arena, it is considered a prime location to build a convention hotel. This move would enable a number of strategically placed city properties to be redeveloped.

After 90 days of comprehensive financial and engineering analysis, it is clear that the purchase of One Tech Center is a sound business move for the city. We will clearly save millions of dollars for taxpayers by consolidating multiple antiquated operations into a modern and efficient building. But we will also have a tremendous revenue opportunity with the sale of the current city hall property to a potential hotel developer.

The Tulsa City Council will vote July 12th on this proposal.  I am sincerely asking for your support.  Please write to your councilor. Send and email, or pick up the phone to let your opinion be known.

If you would like more information about the analysis, you can go to and check under “quick links”.  Please help me move Tulsa forward by contacting the city councilors prior to this vote.  It will definitely be a major step closer as we work together to “make life better” in Tulsa.

Below are the email addresses and contact information for the city council along with some key points and a sample letter.  Thank you so much for your help!

District 1:  Jack Henderson, 596-1921,
District 2:  Rick Westcott, 596-1922,
District 3:  Roscoe Turner, 596-1923,
District 4:  Maria Barnes, 596-1924,
District 5:  Bill Martinson, 596-1925,
District 6:  Dennis Troyer, 596-1926,
District 7:  John Eagleton, 596-1927,
District 8:  Bill Christiansen, 596-1928,
District 9:  Cason Carter, 596-1929,

Mailing Address: 200 Civic Center, 2nd Floor, Tulsa, OK  74103

Key Points:
• City Hall move will open land for development adjacent to the BOK Center
• Occupation of the One Technology Center will result in a better market for office space downtown
• Current City Hall is economically and functionally inefficient
• Move will save the city more than $15 million over the next 10 years
• No tax increase is needed for the move
• Current City Hall site is a great location for a convention hotel
• A redeveloped site of current City Hall and several other vacated buildings will create greater tax base and lead to collection of more sales taxes
• Move would help create a better overall business environment downtown

Dear Councilor ___:
One Technology Center is a real opportunity for downtown!  There are several reasons:

First, the move will open land for development adjacent to the BOK Arena. Second, the occupation of OTC will result in a better market for office space downtown-something we know is critically needed.  Third, the energy savings estimates are substantial.

The cost savings to the city are impressive. It is well known that the current structure housing city hall is inefficient and has outlived its usefulness. Maintenance costs in older structures must be placing a huge burden on the city and continually spending money on old infrastructure isn’t the best use of funds.

The citizens of Tulsa and downtown business leaders worked hard to pass Vision 2025 to help revitalize this city and downtown in particular. We are making progress. This is the logical and smart next step.

Please vote in support of this purchase.
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