Hockey to support Tulsa heroes

Supporting Blue Star Mothers, the Tulsa Rampage is pleased to honor the late Corporal Eric P. Wozencraft and the late Sergeant Joel Lewis by hosting a benefit hockey game in which all admission proceeds will be donated directly to the Blue Star Mothers.  Fans are welcome to select their own admission fee and to bring items for placement in care packages that will be sent to American Troops overseas.
The Tulsa Rampage is a USA Hockey sanctioned Junior A team that plays within the Western States Hockey League.  It is comprised of 16 to 20 year old players from various cities in the United States and other countries.  The intent of the Tulsa Rampage and all Junior Level programs is to develop elite players for advancement to collegiate level hockey and/or professional hockey opportunities.  The Tulsa Rampage is the only Junior Hockey program within Oklahoma. 
Rampage General Manager Julie Wilson told Tulsa Today, “We are about player improvement and advancement more than building a huge fan base.  We welcome fans, but we are primarily a growth and learning opportunity for young players.  The fans make it fun for the players and cheering fans do inspire the players.  This is their first level of hokey competition.”

The benefit game will be held on Saturday, February 2nd beginning at 7:45 pm at the Oilers Ice Center (6413 S. Mingo Road) in Tulsa.  All admission proceeds and items donated for the care boxes will be presented to the Blue Star Mothers Chapter #4 in an intermission break during the game.  Recommendations for the care boxes are beef jerky, dried fruit snacks or canned fruit, pop tarts, card games, handheld games, word search or cross word puzzle books, dark socks, mechanical pencils, etc.
The Blue Star Mothers is an organization in which each member has or has had a child serving in the military.  While they perform a variety of functions to support the servicemen and women, they are most widely recognized for their distribution of care packages, known as Freedom Boxes, to the troops serving on any hostile foreign soil. 

“Our Troops are dealing with such abnormal life situations and living conditions, and they are so far from their homes.”  BSM representative Micki Hallock said, “It is important to remind them that they are not forgotten and to provide them with essentials and a few fun items as well.”  The Blue Star Mothers operates solely on donations of money or items for the Troops. 

Fans are encouraged to support American Troops by attending the benefit game on Saturday.   Fans also have the opportunity to watch the team in action in the other two of the three game series.  The first occurs on Friday at 5:45 pm and the last will be held at 3:45 pm on Sunday.  All games will take place at the Oilers Ice Center.