Impeachment likely for Oklahoma Auditor

House members this week are expected to begin the impeachment process against state Auditor and Inspector Jeff McMahan, who faces a nine-count federal indictment and has not been at his state Capitol office in nearly a month the Oklahoman reported in a Sunday story by Michael McNutt.

It seems certain the House of Representatives will approve a resolution calling for the formation of an impeachment investigative committee.

If the committee makes recommendations to file articles of impeachment, it is possible that impeachment proceedings could wrap up before the end of this year’s regular session, House Democratic leader Danny Morgan said.

Since it also is likely that the Legislature will have a smaller budget to work with this session, lawmakers could finish budget work early and spend the last weeks before the May 30 scheduled adjournment to take up impeachment proceedings and avoid a costly special session, Morgan said.

This would be the second time in four years the House would pursue an impeachment of a statewide elected official. The House in 2004 impeached then-Insurance Commissioner Carroll Fisher.

Fisher resigned shortly before his impeachment trial could begin in the Senate.

The twist in this year’s impeachment proceedings would be that Republicans instead of Democrats are in control of the House, and the Senate is evenly split. Democrats controlled the House when Fisher, a Democrat, was impeached.

McMahan is a Democrat.

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