Darla Hall memorialized

Monday, 25 February 2008
South 33rd W. Ave is now officially Darla Hall Blvd, renamed to honor the former-City Councilor who passed away last Thursday.  A crowd of over thirty people gathered Saturday February 23 to commemorate public activist Darla Hall, including Deputy Mayer Tom Baker, who filled in for the mayor.  Baker and Randi Miller both spoke, and Miller was overcome with emotion through most of her remarks.

Hall was the first councilor elected to represent District 2 as the City of Tulsa changed from the council to the strong-mayor form of government in 1989.  She was proud to be a voice for the people.

Current City Councilman Rick Westcott recounted some of what made Hall so well-loved.  Westcott currently represents District 2, but had even once supported a previous candidate running against Hall.  None of this prevented them from developing a relationship that made Westcott’s remarks poignant and moving.

Hall was a charismatic personality, and Westcott shared an anecdote that seemed to capture Hall’s perseverance when he joked that Darla had once convinced God to embark on a new public works program.

“Darla would take a stand regardless of party or business interests,” stated David Arnett, Tulsa Today publisher.  “She fought for the West Side and for all of Tulsa from the ground up.”  Arnett and Hall worked together on several campaigns over more than twenty years.  “I remember her leadership of the Westside Chamber of Commerce was consistent, reasonable, and to the benefit of all the people of her city.”

Crowd gathers for dedication
Hall’s commitment was to her district and to the City Council.  Westcott and others sited her devotion before, during, and after her time on the City Council as evidence of Hall’s dedication to public service.

Darla Hall Blvd now stands as a permanent reminder and testimony to the life and times of a beloved public servant.

About the Author:
Joshua Lease has made a living writing and editing for periodicals and publishers for seven years.  He brings his experience with the written word to the city/county editorial position with an eye for detail and a commitment to relating the facts.
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