Around downtown at night on a bike

Thank goodness a few folk in Tulsa are old enough to remember when columnist Jay Cronley was funny – not many, but a few.  For others occasionally reading his musings in the daily paper, please understand that Cronley is sleeping when most downtown nightlife occurs.  Yes, young professionals have fun in Tulsa – last weekend over 100 rode bicycles in the Soundpony Pub Crawl.
Beginning at the Soundpony Club near the historic Cains Ballroom, the group rode to the Cellar Dweller Club 417 West 7th Street.  Then the group rode to the Empire Club near 15th and Peoria.  

"Great ride" participants reported as the downtown skyline is beautiful at night and the night air brisk on Easter weekend – good friends and new friends laughing in costumes with exercise.

Next stop was the Rehab Lounge at 18th and Boston then back to the core of downtown at Exit 6C and the Blank Slate.  Not a bad night at all.
To see photos of the adventure, click here  then use the search feature by entering Soundpony Pub Crawl.