Legislature overrides veto of pro-life law

State Capitol, Oklahoma City – The State Senate voted overwhelmingly Thursday to override Gov. Brad Henry’s veto of Senate Bill 1878, a bipartisan pro-life bill, by a vote of 37-11.  Thirty-two votes were required to override the veto in the Senate.  The House of Representatives voted 81-15 to join the Senate in overriding the veto.

It is the first gubernatorial veto overridden by the State Legislature since the administration of former Gov. David Walters.

“I want to thank my Senate and House colleagues for taking a stand for the unborn and for the sanctity of life by overriding this unconscionable veto,” said Sen. Todd Lamb, R-Edmond, author of Senate Bill 1878.

Lamb said he wanted to correct a factual error that was contained in the governor’s veto message that was sent to the Legislature Wednesday night.

“Gov. Henry was factually inaccurate in his assertion that this bill forces victims of rape and incest to view an ultrasound of their unborn baby.  The bill in no way forces a woman to view the ultrasound that is conducted before an abortion,” Lamb stated.
Senate Bill 1878 is authored by Senator Todd Lamb, R-Edmond, and Representative Pam Peterson, R-Tulsa.
Summary of SB 1878:

  • Creates the Freedom of Conscience Act which protects the rights of healthcare providers to refuse to take part in the destruction of human;
  • Regulates the use of the dangerous chemical pill RU-486, used when the unborn child is about two months old;
  • Ensures the mother’s consent to abort is truly voluntary, and protects against coerced abortions;
  • Provides a woman with an ultrasound of her unborn child which she can view, but is not required to view, prior to undergoing the abortion;
  • Cultivates respect for disabled children by banning the wrongful-life lawsuits that claim a baby would have been better off aborted.