‘Red’ to show spectrum of sound

Before Three Doors Down takes the Brady Theater stage on Tuesday, April 22, Tulsa music fans will be seeing Red – that is, the Grammy-nominated, cross-genre rockers who call themselves Red.
The Nashville-based quintet is on the road to promote their debut album, “End of Silence.”  Produced by songwriter/producer Rob Graves and released in June 2006, the album has offered up no fewer than three notable singles, including “Let Go,” which was used in a CBS promo for the hit television show, “Without a Trace.”  The single “Already Over” is climbing the Top 40 radio charts.

The group – Michael Barnes (vocals, piano), identical twins Anthony (guitar) and Randy (bass) Armstrong, Jasen Rauch (guitar) and Hayden Lamb (drums) – has been out promoting “Silence” ever since, previously pairing with Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin and Seether. 
“Touring is something RED knows a lot about.  We’ve been fortunate to be on some amazing tours and have some great tour opportunities.  Touring with Three Doors Down hasn’t been an exception.  The crowds are great, the bands are great company, and we all fit together musically.  Hopefully, we will have the opportunity to connect more in the future once this tour’s over,” said Rauch.  “Above all, we consider ourselves a touring band.  We are most at home playing live and connecting with new audiences.  We are looking forward to playing Tulsa again and seeing what our Oklahoma fans (new and old) can bring to the table.”
Red’s intriguing blend of industrial, classical and hard rock is the result of the group’s hard work, and they are constantly striving to do what it takes to make it in the monster known as the music business.
“The music business is just that, a business.  Success in the industry is about hard work, dedication, and tons of sacrifice.  Those who are more interested in becoming a rock star than being a true professional will stand out in a crowd of good bands doing what it takes to make it,” said Barnes, adding that the group is staying busy on the road, even when they’re not on stage.  “We are currently working on the follow-up record to ‘End of Silence.’  Our schedule doesn’t allow for much time off, so we have been forced to do a lot of writing and recording on the road. It’s kept us extremely busy, but I think staying productive keeps us on our toes and writing the best material we can.”