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Tuesday, 10 June 2008
Tulsa Big Wheel is putting on the first ever Tulsa Big Wheel Race to benefit Cancer Sucks.  The event will commence June 14, 2008 in downtown Tulsa. Participants will ride their favorite three-wheeled apparatus down a portion of Boulder St. and 18th St. to fight cancer and win prizes.

Entry fees will be $15 a person and $20 per person the day of the event. Contestants will not only be awarded prizes for their racing expertise, but also for helmet design and the most creative big wheel. Heats will consist of ten racers with winners of each heat advancing to the next round. Here they will compete with winners from each heat for a grand prize in a finally like no other.

Buy, borrow or pull out of storage your favorite tricycle, and join us in June for the time of your life. Adults on children’s play equipment may seem odd, but we are ready to do whatever it takes to fight a disease that has impacted all our lives.
All proceeds from the event will benefire cancer research through

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