Gazette ad has some hopping mad

Tuesday, 24 June 2008
An advertisement placed in the Oklahoma Gazette by the Oklahoma Stonewall Democrats has some who have seen it hopping mad.

The ad pictures four muscled young men without shirts raising the LGBT banner on a mountaintop…the exact pose seen in the famous photo of Marines raising the American flag over Iwo Jima in World War II.

The ad supports Democrats, including openly gay Corporation Commission Jim Roth and U. S. Senate candidate Andrew Rice, among others.

"What an insult to Marines everywhere," one writer said.

Wrote former State Rep. Thad Balkman, Norman Republican: "It should serve as another reminder that the Democratic Party is really not for family values at all. (Remember when they say, ‘equality’, what they really are saying is ‘special rights’ i.e. to redefine marriage). Nor do the Democrats have much reverence and respect for our military veterans, as evidenced by the photo in the ad. Please share this disappointing reminder to your friends and neighbors who may be tempted to vote for Obama or some other Democrat this fall."

Wrote another: "This will get a few Marines — and any patriot in general — pretty worked up. I’m pretty worked up…."
About the Author:
Mike McCarville has covered Oklahoma politics and government since he became State Capitol Correspondent for The Tulsa Tribune in 1966. Since, he has been a governor’s press secretary, investigative reporter, television station news executive, radio station program director and talk show host, and political consultant. In 1980, he founded The McCarville Report and it is the nation’s longest-running state political publication. In its online version, it has been called "The best political blog" by Dr. Keith Gaddie, pollster and pundit and "Oklahoma’s venerable McCarville Report" by The Arkansas Times.  McCarville, also a real estate investor and commentator for the National Rifle Association on and Sirius Satellite Radio, is a regular contributor to Tulsa Today.  

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