Trustee claims Terrill owes thousands

The trustee in Rep. Randy Terrill’s 2005 bankruptcy case said today the lawmaker needs to turn over $11,301 in assets he failed to report when the case was first filed.

The bankruptcy case was reopened after information surfaced that Terrill didn’t disclose during his bankruptcy proceeding that his campaign owed him money. Terrill said the money was not a loan, or an asset, but reimbursement for expenses he incurred. He said at the time of the bankruptcy, he had no assurance his campaign would be able to cover the expenses.

In addition to asking the federal bankruptcy court to force Terrill to pay the sum, attorney John D. Mashburn requested that Terrill be made to produce copies of campaign contributions and expenditures reports from his 2004 campaign.

Mashburn, the bankruptcy trustee, also asked for Terrill’s tax returns for 2004 and 2005.

Terrill’s attorney, Jeffrey E. West, said they will have a response to Mashburn’s claim.


About the Author:
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