Energy fight is the people’s war

Analysis: The Bush Administration made some mistakes in the War on Terror.  It was not just the name (perhaps “War to Prevent Mass Murder of Civilians” is too long, but terror is simply a tactic) that placed America at a disadvantage; it was the analysis. To avoid being terrorized, they pleaded for Americans to ignore the war and just go about their daily business.

Americans are far too participatory to take kindly to being patted on the head and told that others will tend to the business of the day.  We are willing to sacrifice to defend this land and people.  As the roar from the crowd suggested during John McCain’s nomination acceptance speech – We demand to participate in the fight.

To win the battle for peace, we can refuse products that fund instability.  Americans are willing to begin an Energy War not against any other nation or people, but FOR our nation and our people

We must do it–drill every domestic oil and gas field, expedite nuclear energy expansion, embellish tax incentives for alternative solar and wind development with installations large and small, forget ethanol (corn is best for food) in favor of other non-edible bio-material, and in other ways–change the paradigm powering peaceful progress.

As the Imperial Japanese military discovered in World War II, when the sleeping giant who greatly desires peace is awakened by war – America will win.

Unfortunately, the historic American tradition of ending politics at the water’s edge has been set aside by the most embittered, disingenuous, and corrupt Congress in American history.  Using lies and personal attacks; extreme Liberals funded by the convicted criminal George Soros (Insider Trading: France 2002) demonize real solutions. 

Congress is now the most hateful and hated institution in America and public opinion polls show that Congress’ popularity is less than half of that of President Bush. It is meaningful to remember that fully half of President Bush’s negative poll numbers are Conservatives in revolt over his failure to confront the corrupt blunder-mouths in Congress.  (See Nancy Pelosie and Harry Ried for more detail.)

Voters may well expel more members of Congress than pundits expect because many have seen as Stuart Jolly of Americans for Prosperity, Oklahoma recently wrote in an Oklahoman editorial that our leaders in Washington have continued to debate increased drilling but haven’t passed any legislation to increase supply and lower prices."

He demands that, “America needs less rhetoric and more action.”

While Jolly does not believe we will ever be completely energy independent, (others are more hopeful) he writes:

“Surveys show that the vast majority of all Americans support increased development of resources in areas like the Outer Continental Shelf. We are tired of having Congress enforce high gas prices by restricting access to areas with known reserves … America is the only country that discourages development of its own domestic energy resources, artificially and unnecessarily inflating reliance on supplies from abroad. No other country does this because no other country could survive doing this, and we can’t either. Americans will continue to pay higher and higher energy costs until our citizens and Congress understand that common sense and logic must prevail over die-hard environmentalists on this issue.

Fortunately, we now have the technology to explore and develop our natural resources in ways that are environmentally safe and efficient. The use of advanced methods to drill and extract oil and natural gas means we can now cultivate our resources in a responsible fashion, and without any of the nightmarish scenarios that proponents would have you believe. In this way, Congress can stop harvesting resources from consumer pocketbooks and start harvesting resources from our oceans and elsewhere. The mere fact that the United States finally has gotten serious about combating our reliance on mported energy supplies will speak volumes to the world,” Jolly said.  

Nancy Farrier agrees and in a August 26 letter to the editor wrote:

“It is unfair that families and businesses in Oklahoma are being harmed by high energy costs while Congress bickers but has not passed meaningful legislation to give us relief. Every survey shows the vast majority of Americans want more drilling and fewer limits on domestic resources. We could easily increase the supply of oil and gas produced here at home. We could easily be less reliant on foreign imports.

American consumers are suffering.  Alternative and renewable energy will unquestionably play a huge role in the future, but we need quick action to reduce prices now. Opening of new resources can spark an immediate downward trend in prices with its impact on the markets and its eventual impact on global supply. America has the technology to drill efficiently and responsibly in an environmentally safe way. It is time to move past the rhetoric and develop our own energy sources,” she added.

It’s an “oil patch thing.” Oklahomans have been there and done it worldwide.

If Congress would get out of the way, our free people can and will win America’s War for Energy.  Maybe it is significant that this rally call is issued from Tulsa, Oklahoma formerly known as the “Oil Capital of the World.”  

Tulsans have seen the good and bad of the industry and our history is closely intertwined.  As the “capital” designation long ago migrated, Tulsa is a smaller dog in the fight, but we stand as witness that individual businessmen with private capital, creativity, and the will to win can build an environmentally sound energy bridge to the alternative energy future – if only Congress will get out of the way.  

We can get oil and gas flowing from almost anywhere in less than two years.

About the author: David Arnett began his career in professional journalism in 1985 and has published Tulsa Today since 1996 – before Al Gore invented the Internet.  He has won two national awards as a First Amendment Publisher.  Arnett is a Constitutional Republican, Public Information Specialist and Conservative Media Critic. This analysis may be reproduced without charge with proper attribution and links back to the original source.  Arnett is available for interview by recognized media.